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Rumor: Jason Kidd Not Going to the Warriors

From Dave D'Allessandro of

As for specific proposals that have been floating around, Thorn wouldn't comment directly, but members of the organization insist he has never given any serious consideration to the spare parts the Lakers were offering him for Kidd, and that the rumored deal involving Golden State "has no life whatsoever," according to one employee who asked not to be identified because the person was not authorized to discuss talks publicly.

Also, it looks like JKidd would rather be a LA Faker than a Warrior (from Marc Stein of

Sources close to the situation say Kidd never asked Nets owner Bruce Ratner to trade him. But Kidd got excited, I'm told, when informed that the teams were talking and that a move to the Lakers was a possibility.

Kidd did not respond with the same excitement, sources say, when word leaked of possible interest from his hometown Golden State Warriors. He apparently isn't itching to leave Jersey unless it's clearly a more attractive situation.

It's likewise believed that the Nets will take Kidd's wishes into account to some degree after he chose to re-sign with them in the summer of 2003 despite strong interest from San Antonio.

This year's NBA tradeline is tomorrow at 3pm EST, but it's been relatively quiet around the league as far as trade rumors for this time of the year. This is partly due to the fact that Allen Iverson has already been moved and the Warriors and Pacers have already pulled off a blockbuster:

Maybe it's a good thing for the Warriors that it's fairly quiet since they seem to stealthily pull off trades when you least expect it. In other words, FREE KG!

Do you think the Warriors will pull off another trade by tomorrow's trade deadline?

More Kidding Around:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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