Holding pieces for the offseason?

I think that the warriors inactivity may be a blessing right now.

In the offseason the value of our players will be significantly higher seeing as how Baron and Jrich will have played some games. Draft positions will be set and we will see who is coming out and declaring for the draft.

It seems more likely that the warriors could not lose enough to get a meaningful draft pick (in the 3-6 range). Great job. I'm betting we will be picking between 10-14. I don't think this team will hang on to this 8th seed. We needed another big man and we didn't get one. Good bye rebounds and hello second chance points for opponents.

In the offseason we have to get in on the draft action! Bring in the not Ike, I'm talking about Al Horford. This guy looks amazing. Charlotte recently came out and said they will be willing to spend more money in the offseason. How about a trade of Jrich and our first and second round picks for charlotte's lottery selection? Hopefully it will be low enough to pick up Horford. Charlotte does not need more youth, they have a glut of it and especially at pf. They are set at the 1,3,4 positions. They need a veteran scorer as their number one option and compliment to Okafor and receiver to felton. I'd suggest Baron, but he'd only impeed Felton's growth, and i believe they'd want Jrich more.

Even though it'd be tough, i think this would be a fair return if it lands us an athletic, young, NBA ready power forward to tag team with AB. We would then have a young core of Monta, AB, POB and hopefully Horford. Baron would still be the general and Harrington would shoulder some of the scoring load and play back at his natural 3 position. We will probably be undersized at the 2 with Monta there, but i'd rather be undersized at the 2 than at the 4 and 5 positions.

Dubz, make it happen!

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