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Recap: Warriors 118, Grizzlies 115 OT - Living in the Moment

This overtime is worth the game alone.

Right now it's 112 - Warriors to 113 - Grizzlies. While watching Monta and Miller go shot for shot against each other for the past three minutes, I have come to a decision.

"What the hell, let's start the recap now!"

Question Mark

Not quite sure what to put here. (The game is still going) On a separate note, what the hell is that question mark made out of?!

My recap is going to live and die by the remaining 1:15 left on the clock. From the energy I've seen out there, I think we're going to pull this off. Keep in mind that should the game swing the other way, my article will take a downward slide. I may very well put my fist through my monitor. No. That was a bluff. Well, maybe not. I wouldn't put it past myself.

Harrington just nailed a jumper. My monitor is safe for now.

While I wait for Gasol to take his free throws, let me take some time to marvel at the game that we're watching. First off, JRich is back and it's damn good to have him. Nellie seems to have followed the rules of common sense tonight by limiting his minutes. JRich, however seems to have followed the rules of JRich by dropping a cool 17 points, 10 boards, and 5 dimes. So far...


IT BEGINS ...again. Wait. We've already been over this.

This whole game so far has been a rollercoaster ride! While I hate the fact that we are running so close to a team that is 14 and 41, the Grizzlies have come out with their A-game. Mike Miller has definitely been crowned the Warrior killer for the night. With 45 points right now, (That's right. 45) it looks as though he can do no wrong. His last shot was from 3 feet behind the arc. Who takes those?! That's like a shot to win a Cadillac at halftime!


Damn that's creepy. No wonder we won't come near him.

Monta misses! Memphis missed! Monta with the board! FOUL! We're up 115 to 113 with 17.2 seconds left.

This is the part where we clench our fists and cling to hope. The part where the commercial breaks are no more than 30 seconds long and all we can do to contain ourselves is hit refresh to see what our fellow Dubs fans are thinking. I know this feeling all to well. So do you. These are the moments we live for.

Sarunas nails both of his free throws! Why does a 4 point lead with 16.6 seconds left still terrify me? Oh right, it's because I'm a Warriors fan.

Overall I'm really pleased with this team right now. (If we lose, strike that last statement from the record.) Jackson, Ellis, Richardson, Harrington and Biedrins have all been major contributors tonight. This has been no one man show. Well..., unless you count Mike Miller...

Miller actually missed one?! Even though he was 4 feet out, it felt like everything he touched went in tonight. I'm glad to see he tanked it when it counted! Jackson to the line, 7.3 seconds left. The knot inside me is starting to loosen.

I don't want to do any sort of further analysis to curse the rest of this game. Let's all enjoy the end together, shall we?

An easy dunk for Gasol but with 2.3 seconds left, all we have to do is inbound the ball...



I am at peace.


Warrior Wonder: Man this is a tough one. Almost everyone came out to play tonight! I think I could justify giving it to any one of our five major contributors tonight. Biedrins should be noted for his outstanding boards tonight. Jackson came heavy with the dimes. Monta essentially owned the entire overtime.

But there's one guy that I think we were all overwhelmed to see step onto the Arena floor tonight. I'm sorry. I gotta give it to him.

"Number twenty-three in the program; Number one in our hearts..."

Jason. Richardson.

Welcome home warrior.

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