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Rumor: Mickael Pietrus Most Likely Warrior to Be Dealt Today

The annual NBA trading deadline is upon us! Aside from the Jason Kidd rumors, the Warriors really haven't been that visible in the NBA's version of the tabloids. But it ain't over till Dick Bavetta beats the fat man- or more accurately until the clock strikes 12pm PST today. Anything can happen. There's tons of impact players being shopped as I write this- JKidd, Vince Carter, Pau Gasol, and Rashard Lewis to name a few. Oh yeah, I can't forget Kwame Brown- he's a real difference maker that might be available for the right price. (Kwame for Caron Butler? Haha, nice work Mitch Cupcake!)

From the rumor mill, it looks like the most likely Warrior to be dealt is fan favorite Mickael Pietrus aka LL Cool P (from Janny Hu of

Golden State is said to be taking feelers on Mickael Pietrus. Pietrus is having his best year as a Warrior, but his tenure could be coming to a close regardless of whether he is dealt before the deadline.

He will be a restricted free agent at season's end, and among the Warriors' surplus of swingmen, Jason Richardson and Stephen Jackson are locked into long-term contracts while Kelenna Azubuike will be much cheaper to keep.

Pietrus is making $2.5 million this season and figures to command part of a team's mid-level exception (worth about $5 million) in free agency.

LL Cool P on the move? Say it ain't so!

Casey Holdahl dropped this update on about a possible deal with the Portland Not-So-Jailblazing:

As Jason Quick just said on 1080 AM, the Blazers have reportedly offered up Juan Dixon to Golden State for Mickael Pietrus (it works!). That would be the sweetest plum. The only problem is that Quick just told me that the Blazers were rebuked with extreme prejudice, as you might expect. Of course, Juan and Magloire for Pietrus and Adonal Foyle works, but it kind of goes against the whole "we're not going to take on bad contracts" mantra the Blazers have been professing.

Could Citzen Foyle be on the move too? That could be a franchise-altering move. Adonal is the longest-tenured Warrior and the face of the franchise! His game maybe miniscule, but his heart is fat like Albert's.


Do you want the Warriors to trade crowd-pleaser Mickael Pietrus or Adonal Foyle, the face of the franchise today?

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member callahan for linking to the post in a diary and Dave from the greatest Portland Trailblazers' blog on the net Blazer's Edge for dropping us a line about the rumor. If the Warriors and Blazers do work out a deal today make sure to stop on by Blazer's Edge for additional viewpoints and updates.

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

Keep it locked on Golden State of Mind for non-stop updates on today's NBA's Trade Deadline. Make sure to share whatever you hear or read about trade action around the league in the diaries with the rest of the GSoM community.

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