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Rumor: Jason Kidd for Jason Richardson + Adonal Foyle / Warriors Shopping JRich

It looked like it was going to be a slow day on the trading block for the Warriors with maybe a Mickael Pietrus trade, but no! Check this one out from Dave D'Alessandro of

The Lakers were "not necessarily" the team that was "most eager" for Kidd, Thorn said. Although virtually every team in the league has called -- mostly on the hope they could make a killing the way the Nets stole Vince Carter in 2004 -- only one is actually willing to put together a deal that includes a frontline player.

That team is believed to be Golden State, which has been offering Jason Richardson to virtually everybody, but the Nets are unwilling to take on his contract (which runs through 2011) or that of Adonal Foyle (which runs through 2010), who has to be added to make the salaries match Kidd's $18 million.

The JKidd to the Warriors rumors aren't anything new, but the Warriors heavily shopping JR is somewhat of a shocker. It's not surprising that the Warriors would shop Richardson for some big name elite player, but shopping JRich to "virtually everybody"? That's unexpected, but who knows? You can't believe everything you read in the NBA tabloids.

What are the chances that the Warriors move JR today before the trading deadline?

Major props to GSoM community member callahan for digging up this link.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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