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Warriors 85, Lakers 102 - Answer: Owned!, Question: Warriors?

Final Boxscore

My favorite clip gets the leadoff spot. Whenever you see the monkey, you know it was a bad game.

Answer: 1 Win, 14 Losses
Question: What is the Warriors record on the 2nd game of a back to back?

Ummm, that record is flat out horrible. C'mon, these guys are supposed to be in great shape running all the time with Nellie's uptempo offense. There's no reason they should be extra tired on the 2nd game of a back to back. I mean there are teams that could accidentally win 2 out of 15 games. Of many other things, this needs to get fixed. Fast.

Answer: 6 points
Question: How many fast break points did the Warriors score in the first 3 quarters?

Today, the Warriors scored a total of 14 fast break points, but had just 6 in the first 3 quarters. The rest came in garbage time. The reason for the low output on fast breaks was they looked tired and the Lakers did well getting back on D. As in the paragraph above, why are they tired? This is a running team, running teams aren't supposed to get tired. They are supposed to be in tip top shape. As far as the Lakers D, they did an excellent job of not letting the Warriors get out and run. They limited the outlet passes and clogged the fast break lanes when the Warriors tried to run. There always seemed to be 3 or 4 guys back on D when the Warriors entered the frontcourt. This led to way too many half court sets and we all now how ugly a Warriors half court set can be. See below...

Answer: 9-21, 42.9%
Question: What did the Warriors shoot from the free throw line?

I bet some of you saw the percentage and thought that was what the Warriors shot from 3 point land. Nope! Had they shot that well from 3, they might have been in the game. Below 50% from the line is pretty much inexcusable. Stephen Jackson 0-2, Andris Biedrins 0-2, Mickael Pietrus 0-2, Kelenna Azubuike 1-2, Matt Barnes 0-2. Those 5 guys managed to go 1-10 from the line.

One interesting stat, Jason Richardson from the line went 0-0. I know he just came back from injury but how can a guy who can drive as well as he does, not draw a single foul while shooting? He took a lot of jumpers today and hit them, but I still would like him to get to the hole. Maybe he didn't have his legs since it's the 2nd game of a back to back and he's been out awhile, but we'll need him to get to the line and force the issue against the defense.

Answer: 2-19, 10.5%
Question: What did the Warriors shoot from 3 point range?

This one just baffles me. At halftime, they were 1-11 from 3. So what is the smart thing to do? Maybe attack the basket or step inside the line for a mid-range jumper. Instead, the Warriors decide that shooting some more long range bombs was the answer. Some people say, live by the 3, die by the 3. I just don't understand it. As a team, if you're not shooting well from outside, then it behooves you to get a little closer. If it's not working, then stop doing it. Continuing to shoot 3's even though you're not making them is like continuing to play a zone when the other team is killing your zone. Oh wait, nevermind, that happens too. Also, it's not like this is an isolated incident. The Warriors have had plenty of games where the 3 isn't falling and they keep jacking it up there. Stop it. Please.

Here's an answer. Until you start making some mid-range jumpers, attack the basket, or get some easy buckets to actually cut into the lead, don't shoot anymore 3's. Once you get your confidence back in your ability to score and you actually feel it, then step outside and shoot a 3.

Answer: Maurice Evans
Question: Which Lakers role player has a career game against the Warriors?

Warrior killer!

So when the scouting report came out for today's game I'm sure it was full of how to contain Kobe, not let Odom go off, keep Bynum out of the paint, or not let Turiaf embarrass you again. Perhaps, guard Maurice Evans should have been in the report. Let's take a look at his season averages:

Minutes: 22:18
Points: 8.3
Field Goals: 3.0-7.1 (42.8%)
Rebounds: 2.9
Assists: 1.0
Steals: 0.4

Okay now let's look at what kind of player the Warriors turned this guy into:
Minutes: 36:08
Points: 26!
Field Goals: 8-13 (61.5%)
Rebounds: 2
Assists: 4
Steals: 2

Hey look, we held him below his season average in rebounds. Good job guys.

Answer: ???
Question: Will the Warriors make the playoffs?

I don't know the answer to this one. Maybe you do. Leave your answer in the comments.

Warrior Wonder: Andris Biedrins. 8 points, 16 boards and some good defense. I still don't understand why Biedrins and Powell don't play together more often. They're two athletic big men, one who can beat you inside, and one who can shoot outside. Not a bad combination. Anyways, Beans gets the award for today for having a nice game despite the overall ugliness on the Warriors side.

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