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GSoM Q&A with Damon Bruce of KNBR 680 - 2/18/07 (Part 2 of 2)

You peeped the first part of our recent Q&A with Damon Bruce and listened to his hilarious 2007 Golden State of the Union Address. Well thankfully the fun don't stop! We got Part 2 of our Q&A with Damon for you.

Check out Sportsphone 680 M-F @ 7pm or after the game!

Here's a little bit about DBruce from the KNBR 680 website:

A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in broadcasting, Bruce spent one year at KNBR as a producer of KNBR talk shows and sporting events.

However, with a goal of being on the other side of the microphone, he left to gain experience, first as a host on Sports Overnight America, then with ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut, as a network sports anchor. While at ESPN, he also hosted Sportscenter for ESPN International. He later was a fill-in host on Fox Sports Radio and Sporting News Radio.

His most recent assignment was full-time morning anchor at WOWO news talk radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But his goal was always to return to KNBR. "It's an honor to be back in the studios where I started my broadcasting career five years ago," says Bruce. "Covering legendary franchises like the Giants, 49ers and Warriors is an incredible opportunity and a dream come true."

On to the Q&A...


Golden State of Mind: In the Wild Wild West there are 6 teams that have a realistic shot at the final 2 spots in the playoffs- the Nuggets, the Clippers, the Timberwolves, the Hornets, the Warriors, and the Kings. Which two do you think will make it?

Damon Bruce: Handicapping the race as the 2nd half of the season is about to begin, I’d say that Nuggets are defiantly going to hit their stride and get in with the Hornets & Clippers slugging it out for the 8 seed. Until the Warriors get healthy, they just can’t be considered a real contender for the playoff push regardless of how few games back they may be in the standings.

Golden State of Mind: What's the ceiling on Monta and Andris? Many people seem to think that they'll become stars or even superstars, do you believe the hype?

Damon Bruce: Monta’s fire makes up for his smaller frame, and his ceiling is, well, there is no ceiling for Ellis. I think he’s got a better chance of getting to the Warriors into all-star weekend than maybe anyone else on the roster. Superstar status still to be determined. Biedrins may have a harder time making the all-star game, but there isn’t any doubt that he’s a major up and comer. Watching his development is fascinating, and I expect him to become a force, especially if he ever gets anyone to help take the pressure off the lower blocks. Meanwhile, his post moves get better by the night, and he’s a fantastic finisher around the rim. He’s changing shots, but he’s not a shot blocker; he’s an aggressive rebounder and will only get better as he adds muscle and experience. Hard to believe he’s just 20 years old.

Golden State of Mind: What do you think of the job Chris Mullin has done so far? In the upcoming years, will he be able to put together a perennial playoff team?

Damon Bruce: The words, "Warriors" & "Perennial Playoffs" just don’t go well together … so lets be realistic. How about 1 playoff appearance before fans start worrying about the next one? Okay, now that’s settled, Mullin has done a good job moving the two players that I didn’t think they’d be able to move (especially for the likes of Harrington & Jackson), but his first round choices have been flops. Patrick O’Bryant, who struggles to average a double-double in the D-League, is just the latest example. However, Mully has to get credit for Monta & Andres. If he’s able to move Foyle’s contract this off-season, he got my nod for NBA executive of the year. I’m willing to give the, soon to be Hall of Famer, a pass and hope that he and Nelson can tab some true talent to help this team future.

Golden State of Mind: Take a look into your crystal ball and finish the following sentences:
The first Bay Area team to win a championship will be ______.
The Warriors will make the playoffs in ______.
The next Warrior All-Star will be _______.

Damon Bruce: Sharks (maybe this year), 07-08, Ellis, or maybe a rejuvenated Jason Richardson.

Golden State of Mind: Less directly sports related, how did you get your start in sports journalism? What were some of the things that got you into it? Is it challenging covering a team like the Warriors that has not had a winning season or had any All-Stars (in the actual game) for more than a decade?

Damon Bruce: I knew very early in life that I wanted to work in radio & sports, so sports-radio was a natural fit. I studied broadcasting at Indiana University and did lots of student radio while in college. That’s when I really decided that this is what I wanted to do, not as a hobby, but as a profession. But when it comes to covering the Warriors…
Hey, I love sports, so I consider it a privilege to cover any NBA team. I always get chills, some nights more than others, when I walk into an arena. There is an energy that's rarely project anywhere else than a big game. I’m addicted to that energy. I really hope the Warriors do right by their fans by getting in the playoffs soon. I’m sure I’ll be as bitter as the rest of you if it takes 12 more seasons.


The whole GSoM crew would like to send a special thanks to Damon for taking the time to talk Warriors with us. Also, special shout to Damon for showing us so much love on the air last week on KNBR 680.

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