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Filed under:'s The NBA Round Table 2/28/07

This week's edition of The NBA Round Table is up over at NY Times company


This Week's Crew

The Questions

  • We all know that huge trades did not go down at the deadline, but what’s one trade that SHOULD have gone down?
  • After losing Big Ben, the coaching issues, working around the technical foul thing, is Detroit now poised to come out of the East yet again?
  • No team has gone through more high-profile drama than the Denver Nuggets. Will they have any success this year? What’s their long-term outlook?
  • Who’s going to grab the 8th seed in the West?
  • How will Scottie Pippen’s attempted comeback work out? Is there any way he still contributes anything significant?

Post your answers to The NBA Round Table questions in the comments.

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