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OPEN THREAD: Game # 60 - Warriors @ Bulls - One Midterm down, Four to Go!


Warriors (W-L): 26-32

Bulls (W-L): 32-27

Time: 5:30PM PST tip off

Well. We certainly failed our History test now, didn't we?

Tonight we go head to head with Chicago in our Geology midterm. Honestly, Geology should be that hard. Sure they have the igneous rock that is Benny Wallace and the impermeable later that is Deng, but we've demonstrated our understanding of this subject before!

Hopefully we hit up office hours today. I can't stand many more of these road losses! Actually, I can't stand any more losses period.

Oh and if you have any glimmers of hope within you right now you might be better off not reading the vegas odds for this game below.

Vegas Odds: Chicago by 12 and a half (thanks for the faith)

GSoM Prediction:No Baron, possibly no Jackson. The team will be looking to Powell to log in heavy minutes. Our team is bad on the road and as crippled as they come right now. This is more of a hope than a prediction, but Warriors by 1.

Make sure to drop your vote for who you think will win in the Comments. If you're watching or listening near a computer, post any comments you have during the game right here.


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