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Recap: Warriors 90, Bobcats 98 - I Feel Like Throwing Up!

Didn't we trounce the Bobcats by 26 points the other night? Wasn't it I who wrote that recap? Wasn't that the night when FJ and I met the Warrior Girls? Damn, look what can happen when we are on the road! The best lines of the night came from two of our famous GSoM members during the game thread:

What exactly are we good at??? Please enlighten me...
- maybenextyear
Making the home town fans go home happy. We win at home and lose on the road. So the fans in the arena of the game are usually happy.
- TheGoldenOne

I couldn't have said it better myself. The Warriors are dreadful on the road with a record of 5 and 18. If you missed tonight's game then consider yourself lucky. Let me just give you the quick and dirty of what happened tonight:

First Half: We led 53 to 49 at the half and I could have sworn we were going to finish this one off for a victory. I even mentioned it in the game thread which was a big mistake on my part. I consider myself somewhat superstitious, so I think from now on I'll just keep my predictions to myself.

We looked pretty good. Ellis and Baron were having a good game while Al and Jackson seemed primed once again for a strong night. Even Azubuike looked solid. Then came the dreaded...

Seriously Nellie... what's going on here? We need to do an exclusive interview with you!

Second Half: Same old Warriors. What can I really say that you haven't already heard or witnessed?!! We had another mental meltdown, couldn't close out the game and let the Bobcats dance around us the entire time. Our defense let us down, Baron took some ill-advised shots, and no one was able to make plays. The worst part about tonight is that we went 4-21 from behind the arc, good for 19%. That's just awful for a team that relies so much on the outside shot.

Bobcats were dancing the night away in the second half.

We only have 2 more road games left and Monday we travel to Indiana to play the Pacers. That should be an exciting game for everyone! In closing, as a longtime Warrior fan, here is how I feel at this very moment, illustrated by a clip from the Family Guy:

Warrior Wonder: All the Warrior fans out there who stuck it out to watch this game. It wasn't pretty but we were there. And least there's tomorrow's Super Bowl to keep my mind off tonight...GO COLTS BABY!!!



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