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Recap: Warriors 113, Pacers 98 - At least your football team is good!

Now THAT's more like it!

Let me just start by saying that it was like a refreshing drink of water to watch Dunleavy take a poor shot and find myself clapping in my living room instead of swearing at the television set.

Happy happy.

Joy joy.



Good thing your fans were too hung-over to see this one, Indy! (Check out the stands.)

Tonight we actually did it! We went out there and played like the Warriors that we are meant to be. Pretty much everyone that set foot on the court (with the exception of Sarunas) had a pretty respectable game! And as we all know, when this time fires on all cylinders even the mightiest NBA teams will fall before us. Hard.

One of the nicest things about a game like this is that it came on the road. I'll be honest, when Indy went on that run in the third quarter, I thought to myself, "Here we go..." I know that it sounds like I have no faith, but I think I'm accurate in saying that we've been shown very little on our road trips this season to make us think that anything otherwise would have happened.

Thank God I was wrong.

Unfortunately tonight's victory came at a serious sacrifice, as Monta was forced to leave the game with a banged up knee. Last I heard the X-Ray's were negative but at this point no one knows how long he may be out. With Baron listed as day-to-day, this leaves Sarunas as our lead point.

Think positive. This will give him a chance to get some serious court time with the rest of the team. And while Sarunas is neither Baron nor Monta, we're now very lucky that we picked him up in the trade.

Hopefully Sarunas stays healthy. I guess we could always throw Foyle up there.

Okay, let's throw up some props, shall we?

1) To the Warriors as a whole for actually crashing the boards. Three players in double digits on the glass? (Which incidentally gave them all double doubles?) Beeeeeeyootiful.

2) To Murphleavy for doing what they always do tonight, only this time in the opposing teams' jerseys. (In all seriousness, despite his poor shooting, it should be noted that Dunleavy almost got a triple double. I know. I'm weirded out too.)

3) To Stephen Jackson for answering the fans' boos with 36 points comprised of 4-6 3 point shooting and 12-13 from the charity stripe.


"Off the Golden Arches. Off Grimace's Head. Nothing but net."

4) To Monta for being on pace for a monster game before going down in the third. And 10 boards?! You get an extra juice box in your lunch tomorrow!

5) To Beidrins for pulling down a whopping 15 boards combined with 10 points, 4 dimes, 2 jacks, and a nice 3 swats!

We can only hope that we see more games like this down the stretch. Let's look forward to Minnesota and hope that Monta was merely the victim of a Charlie Horse tonight. (Remember those? Man those sucked.)

Warrior Wonder: Can I give this one to Murphy on a technicality? His lack of productivity was a contributing factor to our win. No? Well then Jax it is. Keep in mind that I'm giving this to him for sheer offensive effort. His supporting stats and turnovers tonight were a bit of a liability, but you can't argue with his shooting. Glad to have you, guy!

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