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Update on Monta's Injury

In last night's game Monta got injured on a flop by Danny Granger. Basically, Monta was running the break going full speed. He passed the ball to the wing and took two steps forward. But Granger was still just standing there, right in his way trying to draw a charging foul with the pass and crash rule. Since Granger did not get out of the way or make a play on the ball, Monta banged knees with him in an awkward attempt to avoid the "defender" and winds up on the floor with what could be a serious knee injury.

The rule, as Barnett says, "is not in the spirit of the game". What Granger did is just ridiculous. If you're going to take a charge, then play good defense and get in good position. Standing in front of someone running full steam AFTER he has already passed the ball is just cheap and takes no skill. It leads to injuries and affects the game negatively.

Anyways, here's the status of Monta's knee:

He said the knee felt like it did in high school when he underwent surgery to repair torn cartilage and dropped into the second round of the 2005 NBA draft.

``Yeah, I can't move it,'' said Ellis, who was using crutches after the game. ``That's where I had my surgery, on the same side (the outside) of the same knee.''

X-rays proved negative, but Ellis said, ``I won't be relieved until I get an MRI.'' He expects to undergo the exam today.

Obviously, the league can't just get rid of charging fouls, so what can the league do to stop these types of incidents from happening in the future?

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