second half starters.

write this down:

  1. baron
  2. Jrich
  3. Al
  4. AB
  5. POB
This would be the starting 5 i'd most like to see.
First guard off the bench: Monta
First forward: Jackson
First AB or POB early foul trouble replacement: Powell, then Adonal depending on the matchup.

I'd stick to an 8-9 man rotation to see if this team can build up some chemistry. If this doesn't pick up our know it...TANK. I'd try this out for 5 games, then make my decision.

In the offseason:

  1. Keep developing Monta's play making skills. It will make Baron's departure that much quicker.
  2. Trade Sarunas. He is in the last year of his contract at $4 mil. Trade for a pass first, veteran back up pg, unless Monta is ready.
  3. Draft an NBA ready power forward or NBA ready small forward (hopefully someone long)--It all depends on POB's readiness by the end of this season. Hopefully he can make the kind of impact Andrew Bynum is having right now in LA.
If our draft position doesn't improve, i'd love to pick up Corey Brewer out of UF or hopefully Thaddeus Young of GT if he drops out of the mid-late lottery. There are a lot of good sf's in this draft that gets over shadowed by all the big men. Get these guys on the low and don't waste your money by signing Pietrus or Barnes. To Boneheads don't make a right.

4. Put AB, POB, and Monta on a weight training program. I'd love to see Monta (177) hit 190, AB (240) 250, and POB (250) 260. I think they could hit their target weights and add extra muscle while maintaining mobility. Come on Mark Grabow!

Hopefully we can develop POB this year so next year won't be a waste as well. AB will come back better, as well as Monta. Jrich will be healthy and Baron as well. Hopefully Mullin has some cards up his sleeves in the offseason either in the draft or through the market. We need to get longer and more physical. They need an identity on D. We can't let role players have career nights off us. Good defensive teams don't do that! Shore up the rebounding and defense, and the offense will be there, especially with a trio of AL, Jrich and Baron. I believe We are a decent pf away from the playoffs. We can do that either with the development of POB, through the draft (though this would be hard if we pick outside the top 4 (Tank mode: ON!!!) or through another miraculous trade).

Please Dubs, make my wishes come true.

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