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The Warriors Know What It Feels Like to Win a Championship

Well, sorta (Mercury):

With downtown Indianapolis inundated by an estimated 40,000 fans of the Super Bowl-champion Colts, the Warriors received a two-car police escort for each of their two team buses to Conseco Fieldhouse. Since the buses had tinted windows and the police sirens were blaring, folks began thinking it was the Colts returning from the airport. ``Everybody was cheering,'' guard Kelenna Azubuike said. ``And then they're like, `Wait a minute, who's that? I don't remember him on the team.' '' [Baron] Davis joked that ``at least now you know how it'd feel to win a championship.''

Maybe it wasn't the NBA Finals last night, but it sure felt like it!

When do you think the Warriors will be NBA Champs?
Post a year in the comments just for fun.