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HOT or NOT: Nike The Second Coming Commercial

We've traditionally only done Hot or Not's on the fashion tip, but let's expand our golden state of minds and try to flip this segment for the hoops commercials. To kick off this inaugural edition of Hot or Not Video Hoops, we've got none other than Nike's The Second Coming commercial. It features 9 balla extraordinaires and a jam by Juelz Santana & Just Blaze. Check-check-check it out:

Clip by beamer2a

Also, make sure to check out the longer music video.

Word on the hoops scene is that Dirk isn't in the commercial because he didn't feel like flying 12 hours just to be in the spot. Bonus points if anyone can say where this clip was shot.

Is the Nike The Second Coming Commercial HOT or NOT?
Vote in the comments and post your AV thoughts.

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