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Filed under:'s The NBA Round Table 2/7/07

Thanks to GSoM buddy Dennis Velasco, the Basketball section of New York Times Company is starting an NBA Round Table where the finest NBA bloggers from around the 'net drop science about the NBA. It's almost as good as Warriors Roundtable (by the way- they need to have the GSoM crew on!). You don't want to miss this historic inaugural edition of's NBA Round Table.


This Week's Crew

The Questions

  • Which players were snubbed from the All-Star Game?
  • Who deserves to take Yao and Boozer's spots on the Western Conference team?
  • Is there any hope for the Celtics this season?
  • It makes sense for all parties involved to trade Pau Gasol. Where does he go?
  • Who has played like the Rookie of the Year thus far?
  • How good are our neighbors up North, the Toronto Raptors?
  • How badly does the loss of Carlos Boozer and Antawn Jamison affect their respective teams?
  • Will Andrei Kirilenko ever get it together?

Post your answers to the Round Table questions in the comments.

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