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RECAP: Warriors 93, Twolves 121 - You know you're in trouble when...

I just don't understand, why is it that when it's my turn to cover a game, we get beat so easily? Last time it was the blowout in Cleveland, the game before that was the Clipper game with only 7 players, and the game before that was Orlando. Now it's the Timberwolves tearing us up. Golly gee wiz, we're just a bad team on the road.

One good thing about tonight was that Monta's injury proved to not be as serious as we thought. He was able to play but due to both him being ineffective and the Warriors getting blown out, he was only able to play 16 minutes.

Monta was back!

Here's a top 5 of "You know you're in trouble when..."

"You know you're in trouble when..."
1) Sarunas Jasikevicius puts up big numbers
20 points with 8 assists and 4 rebounds is his best game of the season as a Warrior and as a Pacer. That should be a good thing right? No. If he's putting up big numbers that means Baron and Monta are not. Baron was out tonight and Monta had to play limited minutes meaning our 3rd string point guard has to play major minutes. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he had a big game or else this loss would have been even worse. But I really don't ever see us beating a good team with him playing 30+ minutes at the point.

"You know you're in trouble when..."
2) You can't stop Mark Blount
You can't stop Mark Blount, you can only hope to contain him! 22 points? 8-14 shooting? Yes he's been scoring more this year as he's up to 13 per game, but c'mon this is still a career 8 point scorer. Was anybody playing defense tonight?

A common sight tonight
"You know you're in trouble when..."
3) Of the 103 rebounds available, we grab 42 one of them
In the last 3 games, the Warriors outrebounded their opponents. It looked like they were headed in the right direction with everyone on the team rebounding. Tonight was very, very different. The Warriors reverted back to their old ways as the Twolves had 61 rebounds, to our 42. Yikes, that's at least 19 more possessions for the Twolves and 19 possessions the Warriors could have had. It's tough to keep the game close when you lose that many possessions and even tougher to win.

Easy shots all night
"You know you're in trouble when..."
4) The opposing team shoots 50.5%
Ummm can we play a little defense? Ricky Davis shot 10-14 (5-6 from 3)
Trenton Hassell was 6-10
Mark Blount: 8-14
Mike James 4-8
Randy Foye 4-8
Marko Jaric 5-10

Charmin soft. We need some chants of "De-fence! De-fence!"

KG getting it done
"You know you're in trouble when..."
5) The other team has Kevin Garnett
The Big Ticket recorded a triple double tonight, 17 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists in just 31 minutes. This was his first game in double digit assists and first triple double of the season. He was dominant even though he shot just 4-12 because he still got to the line (9-11), controlled the glass, and was able to get others involved with his passing.

Warrior Wonder: My favorite monkey…again.

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