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Recap: Warriors 83, Bulls 113 - Time to Drop Geology...

Geology: FAILED!

Games like this are getting harder and harder to write on. I know that we always try to keep a sense of humor about things here at GSoM but there is nothing funny about what is happening to this team.



No caption required.

Granted, we are seriously plagued by injuries but what is it about the Warriors that cause such an amazing collapse in almost every game they play? Getting outscored 20 to 6 in the third quarter not only came as no surprise to me tonight; it was practically expected.

I think that the most frustrating thing about seeing the Dubs play like this consistenly is the fact that anyone that watches this team on a consistent basis knows that there is talent within! We've watched Monta and Biedrins grow up in front of our very eyes. We at least had Al in the game tonight and he has shown us glimmers of dominance. And JRich... `Nuff Said.

Why can't this team learn to play together? Why can't they make better court decisions? How many more 3's need to be bricked before another course of action is pursued? Why do we always get trampled in the second half? Why do they continue to show Sonic's ads during the game when there isn't a damn Sonic's (to my knowledge) in the Bay Area? Why why why why why?!

I want some Cheesecake bites too. Is that so much to ask?

Next midterm is Art with the New York Knicks. Dude. We BETTER not fail art. That's all I'm gonna say.

Warrior Wonder: At least Kabuki was awake out there tonight. 23 points is not that bad for him. Granted he played way more minutes than normal but he does show some serious potential. Add him to the pile of unorganized talent we have out here. We have to get this figured out!

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