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The Don Nelson Show on KNBR 3/8/07

Every Thursday Warriors head coach Don Nelson has a show with The Razor & Mr. T on KNBR 680. The audio from this week's show is archived online for your listening pleasure.

Here's some of the things Nellie touched upon in his usual comedic style:

  • Matt Barnes has been giving the team a lift.
  • The win against the Washington Wizards that didn't count.
    • Nellie didn't swear at the ref.
    • All the refs admitted he didn't swear.
    • He was T-ed up for going out onto the floor even though Eddie Jordan did the same thing.
    • You can't T someone up at the game is over- THANK YOU.
    • If the clock expires before the ball has left someone's hand, you can't have a shooting foul- THANK YOU.
  • Al Harrington should be better than he is, but Nellie loves him.
  • It's okay for Monta to focus more on scoring now that he's coming off the bench.
  • Monta has to play great D like he did against Steve Blake in the win against Denver every time he's out there.
  • Stephen Jackson is his best defender.
  • Monta has developed very well this year.
  • Nellie is more comfortable playing Baron less and thinks they can win without him playing the whole game unlike earlier in the season.
  • Harrington is the biggest bullshipper on the team! (pretty funny)
  • Everyone screams when they go to the hole to draw fouls.
  • Tolbert thinks Warrior legend Terry Teagle was the best screamer when going to the hole.
  • The Warriors are in it as much as everyone for the 8th and 7th spots.

If TMNHarrington is the biggest bullshipper on the team, who's the second biggest?

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