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OPEN THREAD: Game #64- Warriors @ Blazers- GSoM Pride!

Warriors (W-L): 29-35
Blazers (W-L): 25-36
Time: 6:00pm PST
TV: FSN Bay Area Plus
Radio: KNBR 680

If I have to say "this is a must win situation" one more time then I'm going to puke. But guess what ... this is a must win situation! 1.5 games out of 8th place, sitting right behind the Kings, and tonight we play the Portland Trailblazers (formerly known as the Jail Blazers). We are pretty pathetic on the road and sometimes it makes me wish I could use profanity on this blog. But, if we don't take care of business against poor teams like the Blazers, then we really have no shot at the playoffs. What's even worse, our friends at BlazersEdge and I have a little wager for tonight's game. Nothing serious but if the Warriors lose, I have to write a little poem about how great their blog is. Now since GSoM is probably the greatest ... ahem ... blog in the world, the Blazers Edge fellow really doesn't have to dig too far when he loses the bet. On the other hand, given how poorly the Warriors did on their midterms (the recent 5 game road trip) I'm going to need the help of our GSoM fans! It's going to be difficult to praise BlazersEdge and since my poetry never really worked with the ladies, I'll be shocked if it works here. Here’s a little preview of what I got:

Blazers Edge, Blazers Edge

You’re going to need Pledge

After we’re done

Whipping your bum

That's horrible but I'm not worried. I mean come on, it's the Blazers. Have we lost to them in past 10 years? I'm shocked they have 20 wins already this season. I was positive they would have tanked it by now and earlier I thought they were going to tie for worst record OF ALL TIME. This is going to be easier than our November victory against the Blazers because we have everyone back healthy. I'll even give the blazers blog a 4 point handicap =). Can anyone beat my poem so far?

Now for those of you who won't get the chance to see the game because it's on FSN plus, then you can enjoy the new Korean movie "The Host" by Bong Joon-Ho. This has nothing to do with tonight's game yet a great opportunity to broaden your horizon with foreign films. Plus this movie looks fantastic!

Vegas Odds: Blazers by 1 (as of 10:25 am PST)
*    Warriors by 12.
*    JRich goes off for 30+.
*    Blazers try to convince they are not bad boys anymore so offer flowers to the refs in second quarter.
*    Ellis and Baron make Roy and Jack look like fools.
*    Jackson and Harrington post better numbers the Dunleavy and Murph tonight.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.


Update: Even the BlazersEdge readers are talkin' trash about us:

2) The Worriers were celebrating not only a win over the Paper Clips, but the new GSoM record for posts in a game day thread: 270 posts. Meanwhile, this place is hitting 300-400 pretty much every time out.

UPDATE 2: Check out Dave's fine preview for the Warriors-Blazers game over at Blazer's Edge

UPDATE 3: Don't get FSN+? No problem! The Warriors game should be on FSN Bay Area after the Sharks game around 7:30pm. Thanks to loyal GSoM community member bradyk2 for pointing this out in a diary

UPDATE 4: Live Box Score from Yahoo!

UPDATE 5: Warriors lose a "close one". 87-106

Stay tuned for the recap...

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