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Warrior Wonder Winner! (Presented by Jessica Alba)

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GSoMers have spoken and chosen the HOTTEST Warrior Wonder Logo! And now here to present the winner and award, Miss Jessica Alba...

Jessica's feeling RonG and the fresh new Warrior Wonder logo!

"Congratulations RonG!! You are truly da man. Your sweet "The Double W" Warrior Wonder graphic will now be the official Golden State of Mind Warrior Wonder logo!"

A wonderful winning logo!

"But wait- it gets better! For winning the contest you also have your choice of any item at the stylin' GSoM Store. I personally sport the GSoM Baby T every day. Congrats again RonG! Now I'll give the mic to the South Asian soul brother #1. See you all at GSoM Night at The Oracle!"


LL GSoM Gear!

Thank you Jessica and RonG. In case any of you haven't paying attention for the past 2 years, here's what the Warrior Wonder award is all about:

We've been handing out the prestigious Warrior Wonder award since our Golden State Warriors BLOG days and it's become a hit. Whether the Warriors add to the W column or to the dreaded L column, there's always a good debate about who should get that night's award.

Also, both Jessica and I want to give a big shout out to our other contestants (Zorgon and The Golden One) for putting together some fun graphics.

Tomorrow night we have a splendid item on the menu for GSoMers- Warriors vs Mavs. You all know what happened last time. Let's see who will be the first Warrior to take home the honors with the new official logo.

Make sure to check out the standings up through All-Star break for this year's winners.

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