Questions about GSoM Night

There have been a few questions about GSoM Night, and I recently got some answers from Chris Murphy.

1) What time should we arrive for the courtside warmups? The shootaround starts at 6:00p but it is suggested that we be there at 5:45p. I'll set up a time and place to meet in the next few days. The shootaround is for 30 minutes so make sure you show up on time or you won't be able to get in.

2) I don't have a GSoM ticket, can I still go to the courtside shootaround? Nope sorry, there's a specific number of reserved seats and they can't have extra people show up. But if you just want to say whassup, you can still meet up with us once the before or during the game in section 206.

More details in the upcoming days...

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