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Filed under:'s The NBA Round Table 3/14/07

This week's edition of The NBA Round Table is up over at NY Times company


This Week's Crew

The Questions

  1. OK, let's bring the Heat right from the tip. Does Miami, without Dwyane Wade for the foreseeable future, actually make the playoffs? And if so, with Wade trying to come back for the postseason, how effective will he be? Should Wade think long-term and not risk further damage to his shoulder?
  2. Let's talk overachievers. All successful teams have an indispensable player or two that doesn't put up the glamour stats or highlight plays, yet fills a key role when his team hangs a W. What unheralded role player is most valuable to his team and deserves our attention?
  3. Enough with those annoying overachievers, time to shine a light on some slackers. Heading into the stretch run of the season, which team has underachieved the most to date?
  4. The Mavericks are winning at a staggering pace. What do you think their final record will be? Should they ease off to rest key players as the season winds down or squeeze every possible W out of the regular season?
  5. The Spurs remain well behind the Mavericks, but have found a winning groove. Look ahead to a 7-game playoff series between the Mavs and Spurs. Who ya got?

Post your answers to The NBA Round Table questions in the comments.

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