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If the NBA regular season ended today...

If the NBA regular season ended today, we'd see this ( NBA- Current Playoff Matchups):


Let's sip that Kool-Aid for a second (OH YEAH!) and dream a little bit. The first two games of this entertaining playoff series would start in Dallas and games 3 and 4 would be in Oakland. If necessary, game 5 would be in Dallas, game 6 back in the Bay Area, and a thrilling game 7 would be in the land of "Super Size me".

Predict the series outcome game by game in the comments.

For a little perspective:

This season-

  • November 6th: Warriors 107, Mavericks 104: Preview | Recap
  • March 12th: Warriors 117, Mavericks 100: Preview | Recap Prequel | Recap
  • April 17th: Warriors vs Mavericks at The Oracle Arena: TBD

Last season-

  • December 30th: Warriors 111, Mavericks 109: Recap
  • January 25th: Warriors 93, Mavericks 102: Recap I | Recap II
  • March 23rd: Warriors 122, Mavericks 121: Preview | Recap
  • April 12th: Warriors 114, Mavericks 102: Preview | Recap

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