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GSoM Night Update: 194 Tickets Sold!

194 tickets sold!!! GSoM will rock the house.

Just wanted to post a quick update of the ticket count I got this morning. We're up to 194 tickets sold for GSoM Night with 3 days to go. This is amazing! Just the other day the ticket count was 114 and since then 80 more tickets have been sold. Those courtside warmups just got a lot louder. I gotta hand it to you guys (and gals), you're going to make our first GSoM Night real special. So thank you for showing us and the Warriors some love by purchasing so many tickets and getting involved.

There's still time left to get some tickets and the more people who show up the better. If you haven't purchased the tickets yet and can make it, check out Atma's post with the 411 on how to purchase tickets.

Don't miss out on the inaugural GSoM Night, it's gonna be crazy!

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