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100 Points - The 45th Anniversary

45 years ago to the day (March 2, 1962), Wilt Chamberlain did something nobody thought possible, score 100 points in a single game. No matter how you look at it, the boxscore is just ridiculous. Outside of the 100 points, he had 25 rebounds, shot 36-63 from the field, and shot an amazing 28-32 from the free throw line.

Check out the Warriors official site for a great read about the night it happened, "I Heard the Fans Yelling for 100".

Still, there weren't many eyebrows raised among the cozy gathering of 4,124, even though Chamberlain had 23 points in the first quarter and 41 by halftime - least of all by the Dipper himself. "It wasn't that big of a deal," he insisted. I had scored 40 in a half before."

But when the teams came out for the second half, the pace quickened. Chamberlain's teammates fed him the ball repeatedly, and the Knicks were unable to stop him. And by the time the third-quarter buzzer sounded, Chamberlain had registered a jaw-dropping 69 points. The crowd had been awakened, and began chanting "Give it to Wilt! Give it to Wilt!" every time the Warriors came down the floor.

And my favorite quote from the article.

"I've probably had 10,000 people tell me they saw my 100-point game at Madison Square Garden. Well, the game was in Hershey and there were about 4,000 there. But that's fine. I have memories of the game and so do they, and over the years the memories get better."

Also, the Warriors are have all the 100 Point Game info you need.

That night, he truly was "Unstoppable Baby"

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