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GSoM Night - All You Need to Know

As you all know, GSoM Night happens tomorrow, Friday, March 23, 2007. It's going to be crazy with all of us there and I just want to thank you beforehand for purchasing so many tickets and showing the support. Before we go, I just wanted to give you the latest update on when, where, and how to make this go smoothly. So, here's all the information you need to know and basic rundown of the festivities.

INTRODUCING... (5:15p-5:30p)

When you get to the game look for these fine looking gentleman. We're not hard to find with the cartoon faces and all.

In all seriousness, we know it won't be easy finding us. So, without further ado, (drumroll please) we're finally revealing the GSoM names and faces behind the cartoon masks and basketball head coverups.

From left to right, YaoButtaMing (he's shy and didn't want to show his face yet), Justin (Fantasy Junkie), Ashish (Hash), and Shailo (Atma Brother #1). Brian (DJ Fuzzylogic, we'll get his picture up soon) is stuck in Michigan and couldn't make the game, but most definitely will be watching via Yahoo Boxscore. Shailo and I will be there early in our GSoM T-shirts. Feel free to just walk up to us and say whassup. We'll be handing out posters, selling the limited edition GSoM Night T-shirts and choppin it up with whoever shows up. We'll be at the North Entrance, by parking lot D (see the GSoM logo on the map below).

For the courtside shootaround, plan on showing up at 5:30p, not the 5:45p shown below just to make sure you make it in with all of us. We'll meet at 5:30, then they let us in around 5:45. It lasts for 30 minutes and then we're free to do whatever until the game starts. There are a couple things you should know that I just found out. Because I only expected about 75 people for GSoM Night and since most of the tickets were sold in the last few days, Chris didn't have a chance to reserve spots for 300 people. What this means is that he's doing us a HUGE favor by letting in the 300+ GSoM folks to the shootaround. He's really only supposed to let in 75. So make sure to thank Chris for hooking us up. Also, there will be multiple groups there, so expect about 600-800 people at the shootaround. It's not ideal, but please be understanding of the situation and respectful of the players who are warming up. Here's the official memo I received from Chris about the shootaround.

All participants must be at the North Entrance (by parking lot D) to the ORACLE Arena 90 minutes prior to tip-off (when doors open). It is essential that you be on time. I would suggest being at the entrance by 5:45pm to ensure an on-time arrival. Anyone who arrives later than 15 minutes after doors open will not be able to come down to the court to watch the shootaround.

As soon as the doors to the ORACLE Arena open, the group can come in and get their tickets scanned. A Warriors rep will be immediately inside the turnstile (outside sections 121-122), and will take the group down to watch warm-ups from courtside for 30 minutes. At the conclusion of the shoot around, we will bring the group back up to the main concourse, where you can get food or go to your seats for the game.

Some other very important points:
- No backpacks or other large bags are allowed into the arena, for security reasons.
- No outside food or drink can be brought into the arena.
- No flash cameras or video cameras are allowed into the arena.
- When sitting courtside for the shootaround, everyone must stay in his or her seat for the entire half-hour.
- Autographs are not part of the program, unless a player takes it upon himself to come over to the group.
- Yelling at the players to try to get them to come over is not allowed.

Sorry for all of the rules, but since we are tenants of the Arena, and we need to let the players prepare for the game as they choose, they have to be followed. This will still be a lot of fun for the kids, and will go very smoothly, if we follow these guidelines.

PRE-GAME (6:30p-7:15p)
After the shootaround, we'll have about an hour before the game starts. Shailo, Ashish and I (Justin) will head back outside to the Plaza (the East entrance, see map above) to meet and greet all of you who weren't able to make it to the shootaround. We'll also be handing out the remaining Baron Davis posters and selling the GSoM Night T-Shirts.

GAME TIME!!! (7:15p-10:30p)
Get to your seats, get loud and watch the Warriors take on Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards. Time to bounce back from the loss in Utah. Another unexpected bit of news I have to share with you is that we're not all located in section 206. Again, this is my fault for only expecting 75 people to show up, not 300. Basically, Chris wasn't allowed to reserve more than the 75 tickets I estimated. As demand started to grow he had to improvise quickly and did a great job of getting us as close to each other as possible. Since this is the first GSoM Night, I didn't know what to expect in terms of sales, so I apologize in advance for us being split. But it's not that bad, here's where everyone is:

- Section 206: Virtually all GSoM
- Section 205: All of rows 12 and higher are GSoM
- Section 207: All of rows 10 and higher are GSoM
Again thanks for being understanding and I apologize for us being split up. But thank Chris for keeping us in sections that are all next to each other. Nevertheless, we'll still be goin crazy and the game will still be just as fun.

Don't go anywhere at the start of halftime. GSoM will be up on the JumboTron so make sure to get loud when they put up our name. Let people know what we're all about. Once that's over, feel free to go grab food, beer, or do whatever it is you do during halftime.

POST-GAME WRAP-UP (10:30-11:00p)
Shailo, Ashish, YaoButtaMing, and I (Justin) will be back at the Plaza (the East entrance) to hand out any remaining Baron Davis posters, sell any T-Shirts and hand out the GSoM cards. If you want to help spread the word about GSoM, we'd love to have you pass out some GSoM cards and make this community bigger and stronger.

After that, we'll all head home or whereever it is we have to be. As for me, I'll go home and try to write up that recap for your Saturday morning reading enjoyment. Instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons, read the recap with your bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

See you at the game.

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