Golden State of Mind Night Pics and Thoughts!

Damn that game was hella exciting. I'm so glad I was able to go. Thanks to the Masterminds at GSOM for this. It was my first real Warrior game so it was super slick.

Thanks to Shailo for the posters and the minute of talking. I must have looked like a nerd with the print out from GSOM to make sure I went to the right place.

I had been to one game when the warriors were playing an exhibition game vs the clippers in San Jose, but this was nothing like that. I was hyped the whole 48 minutes. I even considered taking a picture with the mascot...haha too bad I didn't.

I wish I woulda been able to get a shirt from that guy with the 100 shirts at halftime,  but that guy kept passing it to his left and right instead of hin front of him. I swear some of those fools had 2 or 3 shirts and I didn't even have one! punks... I got some thundersticks though.

I think i lost my voice by the second quarter with all the booing and stupid calls requiring me to chant Bullsh.. so it was nice to have the thundersticks to help me be loud. I have the sticks chillin next to my computer right now.

Next time we should try to get closer, I mean we were clearly the loudest section in the arena, we should be close so the refs can hear how bad their calls are. But yeah this game made me want to go to a lot more. I think I might go to the Phoenix game, I like that 2 for 1 deal they're having, and the KBLX deal where you can get tickets cheaper too if you buy them using the code HARDWOOD.

On to the pictures,

They're not all awesome pictures, but I figured some people here might enjoy them. Next time I will get better pics I promise. I wasn't sure if we could get up and move once we sat down or else i would have taken pictures a lot closer during the shootaround. There's also a couple pictures of me and the lady. but yeah all in all a great night, hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Thanks again to GSOM.

One Dub.

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