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Recap: Warriors 113, Lakers 115- Sick of Losing to the Fakers

In past seasons I would honestly call this one a moral victory. However, it's different this season. The Warriors are in the middle of their first meaningful playoff run in over a decade. There are no moral victories anymore. This was a bad, bad loss and it marks the Warriors' 8th straight defeat to the team from La-La Land

Final Box Score

The villain in white strikes again.
(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

E-b-o-k... E-b-o-k... E-b-o-k...
I can't even say the man's name. What he does to the Warriors is like r-e-d-r-u-m. Ebok dropped 43 points on the Warriors thanks to 11 trips to the charity stripe and grabbed 9 boards.

The poor guy's got no friends.

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

His tag team partner r-a-m-a-l was sensational as well scoring 24 points and inhaling 19 rebounds. If you want to look at the positives, take solace in the fact that Ebok had a funny 0 to 7 assist to turnover ratio today and Ramal had more turnovers than assists. As much as I hate to say it props to Ebok and the Lake Show- they OWN the Warriors.

$10 says half these Faker fans don't even know what channel FSN West is on.

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

24 Questions
I'm pretty much at a loss for words. I'm sick of seeing this team lose on the road, but I'm even sicker of seeing them lose to the dreaded Lakers. I wish I had some answers right now, but I honestly don't. I just have a ton of questions. Maybe you can help me out in the comments with some answers.

1) Why is this Warrior team so outstanding at home (25-10), but so awful on the road (8-28)?

2) Did the Warriors just get outrebounded by the unthinkable margin of 30 rebounds? 30! (Warrior rodmans- 33, Laker rodmans- 63).

3) Why do the Warriors make Ronny Turiaf look so unstoppable baby in the 4th quarter?

4) During back to back Laker trips to the foul line in the final seconds of the game when the Warriors had to secure a rebound, why did Nellie have Jason Richardson and Stephen Jackson at the bottom of the key?

5) Why did BD and JR keep jacking up treys when they were a combined 5 for 19?

6) How did the Warriors lose a game with Action Jackson dropping 9 dimes with only 1 turnover?

7) How did the Lakers win tonight's game when they had more turnovers (25) than assists (24)?

8) Can you believe that at one point in this game the Warriors led by 10 points?

9) Do you realize the Warriors were down by 19 points at one point in this game, but only lost by 2?

10) Is the nickname Rasheed Jackson for Stephen Jackson funny or just sad?

11) Did the Warriors really have more points in the paint (48) than the Lakers (46)?

12) Can Action Jackson go through a whole game with out getting a technical foul?

13) Five years from now who will be the better big man in the Pacific Division, Andris Biedrins or Andrew Bynum?

14) Why do the Warriors keep taking three's when they keep missing them?

15) Is Luke Walton really Mike Dunleavy on steroids?

16) Aren't you happy that Ebok didn't drop 50 tonight?

17) What would have happened if Josh Powell played more than 2 minutes tonight?

18) When will the Warriors finally beat the Lakers?

19) Anyone else think Drew Gooden would be a great fit for this Warrior team?

20) When Ebok changed his jersey number from #8 to #24 did you think it was just dumb?

21) If the Warriors and Lakers switched rosters, would the Warriors still lose?

22) How come we didn't see Jessica Alba in the audience tonight?

23) "PLAYOFFS?!!"

24) You're still reading right?


Unkind Schedule
It doesn't get any worse than a bad two point loss to the LA Fakers, right? WRONG. Tomorrow night the Warriors face the San Antonio Snores and then on TNT Thursday they will try to outscore the Phoenix Sunny Delight. If the Warriors don't right their ship fast, they could easily find themselves way behind the Clips' ship in the race for the 8th spot. Let's hope the Warriors can pull off back to back huge upsets at home in Oakland and Clippers lose their upcoming games or else we could be talking tank time.


Aside from a very silly unforced turnover in the Warriors' backcourt that led to a Shammond Williams jumper and sparked a painful Laker run in the 4th, Monta Ellis played an absolutely brilliant game tonight. Baron and Jason had off nights, but Monta came through big. Without his efficient outing, the Warriors would have gotten blown out by 20+ points. Check out these wonderful numbers: 31 points (12-21 FG, 1-1 3Pt, 6-6 FT) and 4 steals.

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