preview by committee [dubs v. spurs]

hey folks, i'm fiendin' for some positive warriors action tonight and though the GSOMasterMinders will probably post something soon, i wanted to see what kind of insight we might put together for the game tonight and the final stretch coming up.  here's some questions i wanted to throw out there:

(1) what are the key advantages for the dubs to exploit tonight against duncan, parker, ginobli et al and ensure a victory and season-inspiring turn of momentum?

(2) do you think the richardson rumors might throw a little damper into the warriors strong esprit de corps?

(3) has anyone see the clippers play recently?  why are they winning?  any chance they will stumble again and give us a chance to surge ahead, even if we don't put together a massive winning streak?

i'm feeling the solidarity and warrior commitment on gsdubz' latest post especially some fine words from brooklyn warrior:

up with my wife, a native new yorker, saying "Your Warriors lost." Should I make an appointment with the divorce lawyer now or after the game tonight? I'm thinking secure your assets first and give her one more chance, but if she stays so unfaithful spend the bank account and file the papers.

alright, look forward to hearing some comments and hope biedrins can pester duncan, stephen jax shuts down ginobli and tony parker is too infatuated with eva to get psyched up for this one.  some predictions: monta stays on fire, barnes comes up with some big plays, WARRIORS by 10!!!

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