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silver dancers and their elementary dance moves
(NBAE/Getty Images)

March Madness means my birthday, basketball, and of course brackets.  If you've managed to stay in the hunt in your company pool or perhaps just friend pool, congrats!  For those of you (including myself) that ruined their chances completely by predicting Stanford and their Collins twins remix would steamroll to the top, well, here's your chance at vindication and your ability to continue participating in all the "hoop"la (get it?) that is March.

The National Basketball Assocation has decided to get in on the bracket craze by putting on its now annual "NBA Dance Team Bracket."  Last year, the Heat took home two crowns, the NBA Championship but also the NBA's most favorite dance team award.  This single elimination tournament involves all thirty teams--which fans voting determines who will advance in this dance-off of a lifetime (even though no dancing actually happens except at the games)!  

Ironically, our first round match up features the team that we lost to last night.  Fortunately, our dance team is basically the equivalent of the Spurs, Mavs, or Suns in real ball; we're basically a one seed and the Silver Dancers, in my opinion, is something along the likes of Eastern Kentucky.  Anyway, the honeys of the pacific take on the honeys of the southwest.  First round voting will last until April 2nd, so get your vote on!  

Warrior girls takin' it to the house!
(NBAE/Getty Images)

Also, thanks to Adonalmao for reminding us to vote!

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