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So you think you're the ultimate balla? You ain't doin' fadeaway jumpshots like Jim Jones until you got one of these:

The folks over at the up and coming clothing line, Undrcrwn, introduce the Dream Team Chair Set - Basketball Cushion.

"This chair is made of a solid steel frame and the cushions are made from authentic spaulding basketball micro-fiber. This is sure to make a statement in any household or office. Price includes domestic shipping within the US via UPS Ground ($200 value)."

I at first thought, "Wow, a basketball chair for 200 dollars? Not bad!" Then i scrolled down some more and noticed that the chair is really 1500 dollars. For that kind of money, this chair better be as quality as Spalding INFUSION with Max Inflate Micro Pump.

What seems like a hot concept and novelty for basketball fans, in reality would probably be pretty uncomfortable. Think about the usage of a basketball and the consequences of that usage. Think of how many sweaty hands have touched the basketballs you own and then consider of how all that sweat mixes and gets imbedded in the leather over time creating weird sweat stains and sweat funk. Transforming your living spaces into a sweaty B.O. smelling gym seems less than ideal for the grown and sexy. But for a bachelor pad, its a MUST have.

Warning, probably not a good idea to take to the gym. You know how folks love to steal basketballs...this chair would be gone in no time.

Anyway, is this chair... HOT or NOT???

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