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OPEN THREAD: Game #60 - Warriors @ Wizards - P.E. is a GPA Booster


Warriors (W-L): 26-34

Washington Warriors (W-L): 32-25

Time: 10:00am PST

TV: None for the Yay

Radio: KNBR 1050

Right about now most people are just starting to get excited about how they're going to spend their Saturday night- hooping, clubbin, or maxing and relaxing. But not us hardcore Warrior fans! We're already looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to a big ol' bowl of one of the classics (Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Cookie Crisp) and a breakfast match between the Warriors and some old friends, Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison.

The Warriors are in the middle of an embarrassing 5 game losing streak. There's no sugar coating it- none of the losses have been close and this team just isn't very good. They aren't even mediocre or else they'd be locked into the 7th or 8th spots in the West. I could go on about how the Warriors are just simply a bad team right now, but I think GSoM friend Tim Kawakami has you covered in that area. Actually Tim even has 10 positive things to remember as well.

Some injury updates (via Janny Hu of

  • Baron Davis should be practicing by the time you read this.
  • Stephen Jackson has turf toe, not a fracture on his left big toe. This explains the Warriors' hideous 6-129875632 road record. They really struggle in stadiums with turf fields. Oh wait- never mind, that's football.
  • Matt Barnes should be back tomorrow morning or the day after for the rumble in the Auburn Hills. Don't worry DJ Fuzzy Logic will be there live in person to knock out those barbaric Pistons fans if they try anything funny. Seriously, those fools shouldn't be allowed to have an NBA team after that ugly brawl, but that's another story for another time.

Tomorrow morning's game unfortunately (or fortunately considering how painful it is to watch this team get abused on the road) won't be televised in the Bay Area unless you're a wealthy hoops fan with NBA League Pass. It's too bad since this is the first time Dub Nation will get to see Arenas, Jamison, and the rest of the Wizards. Throw in 2007 All-Star Caron Butler (imagine if the Warriors took him instead of Mike Dunnuthin) with Gilbert and 'Twan and it's easy to see why this team is pretty entertaining to watch and among the best in the Leastern Conference. Good thing we'll all get to see them up close in person at the highly-anticipated GSoM Night at The Oracle.

The Warriors have received a D+ in History, an F in Geology, and a C in Art class. Still, there's always P.E. You can only fail Physical Education class if you don't show up. There's no way the Warriors can fail tomorrow morning- oh wait...

Vegas Odds: Warriors by 8 (as of 2:55pm PST 3/3/07)-- that's Washington Warriors by 8.


  • Warriors continue their road "dominance" and win by 1.
  • Gilbert Arenas + Antawn Jamison + Caron Butler combine like Voltron and go for the Wilt Chamberlain.
  • Hibachi drains at least 5 treys.
  • My Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes extra good tomorrow morning.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.

* Also make sure to head on over to SBNation Hoops brother site Bullets Forever and tell Pradamaster his blog should be renamed Washington Warriors Forever.

Let's win this one for Wendell, Bob and Quienno!

UPDATE: If you have digital cable or HD you can check out the game on NBATV!

UPDATE 2: Live Box Score from Yahoo!

UPDATE 3: Warriors lose 104-106 on some bizarre officiating.

Stay tuned for the recap...


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