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Warriors 97, Knicks 106 - Not again!

We're in the middle of midterm exams and we were in New York today taking our Art midterm. Just to refresh your memory,

Well I sort of see this 5 game road trip as our Midterms before spring break. Essentially, this will tell us who we are and if we are in good enough shape to get a decent grade in the class (season).

Here is a posting of our Midterm Schedule:
Milwaukee - History
Chicago - Geology
New York - Art
Washington - Sign Language
Detroit - Calculus

Like I said in the Open Thread,

But hey, Art is our best subject right?

Maybe Art is our best subject, we're just not very good at school. A 9 point loss could be considered quite an achievement after a 21 point loss to the Bucks and a 30 point loss to the Bulls. Even still, a loss is a loss and losing a game that we could have won, is just painful. So on the 45th birthday of Wilt scoring 100 points against the Knicks, the entire Warriors team doesn't manage to score what Wilt did.

On to a recap of the midterm even though we were missing the best artist of all the Warriors:

Hurry and get healthy Baron, we need you!

1) Tell me something about Vincent Van Gogh

You know despite all of the amazing painting that Van Gogh did, one of the things Van Gogh is most famous and most remembered for is cutting off a part of his left ear. It was then that Van Gogh's mental illness was considered critical and he was admitted to a hospital. This reminds me of the Warriors. Sometimes they do so many great things during the first 3 quarters that you think they're okay, but right at the end, they do something crazy, like cutting off part of their ear. It's a self-inflicted pain. Taking bad shots, not playing any defense, and just flat out choking. They play the game well for so long and then just decide that a little pain and suffering is inevitable. Against the Knicks this theme was all too familiar. They had the lead 92-90 with about 5 minutes to go. They let the Knicks go on a 10-0 run that spans 3 minutes, and the game just slips away. Monta can't make a shot, JRich can't either. Al Harrington disappears and Andris Biedrins is nowhere to be found. These end of game chokes are not ever just one guy or even two, it's the whole team and it's contagious. I could go on and on about these guys, but if you just read the recaps for many of our other losses you'll read the same thing.

"Starry Night" is one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings.

2) Which artist(s) surprised you?
Diego Rivera. To me his art is awesome, but his style doesn't really stand out and strike you like some other more vibrant art. Oftentimes he uses soft curves and soft colors to make his work come alive. Everything is subtle yet has such a big impact.

You know, he reminds of some of the great production we got tonight from three unlikely sources. Sarunas Jasikevicius, Kelenna Azubuike and Adonal Foyle. First, Sarunas came in and played the best game by far that I've seen him play, better than his 20 point game a few weeks ago. Today, he really played like a point guard by distributing the ball, creating for others, and finding the open man. He got in the passing lanes and was efficient from the field. Excellent game for him today. Second, Buike had a nice game as well showing off his excellent 3 piont shot. When open, he just doesn't miss from behind the arc. He put in 13 points including 3-4 from the 3 point line. What I'd like to see more though is for him to be active. He played 30 minutes but sometimes you never know if he's on the court. Overall though, I thought he played well and shot the ball very well. Third, Adonal Foyle had a nice impact on the game. Biedrins got into foul trouble early so Foyle had to soak up some of the minutes at center. He played 24 minutes and made a bunch of hustle plays. There was one play where he raced for a rebound and as he was falling into the stands, he saved the ball to one of his teammates. His 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, and hustle helped keep the Warriors in the game.

3) Who is your favorite artist (Warrior Wonder)?
Salvador Dali. He's got some quirks and not everything he does I like, but those quirks make for some absolutely amazing paintings and artwork.

Is Al going to take over for the Funleavy Foto Fun?

He reminds me of what Al Harrington did tonight. I wanted to go with Sarunas Jasikevicius, but Al's overall impact was much bigger than Sarunas. Al had his problems during the game like finishing at the hoop and playing defense, but he kept us in the game. 26 points on 10-18 shooting (4-6 from 3) to go along with his 8 boards prevented this from becoming a blow out. He showed a range of skills, from hitting the 3 to driving the lane, to posting up, he did some great things offensively.

Final Grade: C

The Warriors are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak and slipping farther and farther away from the playoffs. Hopefully you check out some of these artists because you know, it's not all about hoops here. We educate you on everything! Heck instead of leaving comments about another loss, who are some of your favorite artists, paintings, music, photography, etc?

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