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OPEN THREAD: Clippers @ Blazers - I love Portland

Gollum points the way to the playoffs

Clippers (W-L): 35-37

Blazers (W-L): 29-43

Time: 7:30pm PST

Yesterday the Kings pretty much killed any chance of them making the playoffs. They had a chance to close the gap between them and the Clippers to 2.5 games and pull into 10th place, but they failed losing 101-105. Now they're 4.5 games out and in 12th place. Good luck in the lottery.

Tonight's Clipper game is big. If they win, they go up 2 games on us. If they lose, they're down to just 1 game in front. That one game difference is huge with so few games remaining. Portland is still trying to develop their young core of players, Randolph, Roy, Aldridge, and Jack which could pose problems for the Warriors playoff chances. We need Portland to play hard and squeak out a W against the Clips who are on the 2nd game of a back to back.

Preview Madness: Blazers Edge | Clips Nation

Vegas Odds: Blazers by 1.5 (as of 10:38pm PST).


  • Randolph and co in the great Northwest covers the spread and win by 4.
  • Brandon Roy shows why he's going to win rookie of the year with 20+ points
  • No Blazers get arrested before, during or after the game. (I know, I know, they're not the JailBlazers anymore)
  • Elton Brand vs Zach Randolph: whoever has the better game is going to get his team the W.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.

Weather Forecast: It's raining 3's in Portland!!

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