Mock Lottery Up at ESPN-Dubs Get Yi!

Yes its time to look forward to the lottery now and ESPN.COM helps us out with their Lottery Generator.  I just did it about 20 times and no matter how you slice it, the Warriors, who right now have a 1.7% chance to win the lottery, always ended up with the 9-10 pick and Chad Ford had them taking Yi.  This is what he said about Yi in his blog.

* China's Yi Jianlian continues to dominate in the Chinese Basketball Association playoffs.

Last week he scored 38 points and grabbed 10 rebounds against Shanghai in the first game of the playoff series. He followed up with a 20-point, 15-rebound peformance in Game 2. Then Yi helped Guangdong clinch the series with 32 points and 17 rebounds on an amazing 14-for-19 shooting performance from the field.

Lots of teams are interested in him, but watch the Warriors closely. Don Nelson loves Chinese players, and Yi has a game reminscent of Dirk Nowitzki. Plus, he'd be a huge draw for the Bay Area's large Asian population. He remains our top-rated international prospect, currently sitting at No. 10 on our Big Board.

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