Dude, Where's my Recap?

Win or lose, I've become quite accustomed to reading my Warriors recap... and since Hash kinda' dropped the ball on our trouncing of the nuggies (maybe he was smoking his namesake... whooa.. drug reference, not cool dude) I will be more than happy to provide one, free of charge.

I had a fantastic time at this game. You all know your homie at KCBS got hooked up with some primo media seats, and I had a great view of the game.

I think when I speak for many of the GSOM members who are currently feeling "the glass is half full" vibe right now when I say there was a good feeling in the air. After failing the midterms the Warriors went and salvaged their GPA somewhat with an A+ victory over the beast of the east. You could say Detroit was phonin' it in that day, but I say the Warriors experimentin' with the Tenacious D is due all the credit.

But on to this game.

No Melo man in the house, awesome, but we're still not giving Melo Jr. the Warrior Wonder... great timing though little guy. And by the way, I had no idea Melo was married to former MTV VJ La La. ... the last time I saw her was on a lost Chapelle Show episode where Dave was playing a crude asian stereotype resting between La La's breasts while a Japanese man tried to say "Hello La La" without use on the consonant "r." Funny stuff, but not as funny as the look on George Carl's face as he watched his 12 point lead in the 2nd quarter go the way of the dodo. As much as that Wizard's lost sucked, there was a bit of poetic justice watching his royal highness, the Baron of Davis, get fouled shooting a desparation 3 before the halftime buzzer. And then Baron went and made all three of 'em.. whoa!!! The Nuggies say goodbye to the lead permanently on that note.

You guys don't need a play by play from me. Any Warrior worth his Don Nelson alcoholism-induced gut was watching that game.

There were definitely some highlights

All five starters were in double figures, good for them.

Al Harrington has apprently taken up a new hobby... rebounding, another solid performance with 9. Let's hope is doesn't abandon it in favor of starting a stamp collection.

Iverson seemed to be on only source of real offense for Denver, and understandably so, he made some amazing shots and layups, but I saw quite a few blocks on this super star.. The Dubs got over his one-trick-pony show real fast. Props to Action Jax for the great D on the Cornrow Count.

A tough shooting night for our boy Monta, but hey everybody has an off night. But shooting and scoring is just one aspect of the game. The little engine that could managed to get 6 steals and a block while he was in there. That's pretty sweet.

Another good game from Dolph Lundgren AKA IVAN DRAGO aka Beans. Mad rebounds, with his 12 points, he and J Rich both with 3 blocks a pop. Sorry Denver, but you're gonna' need more than Nene to overcome that. Maybe if he had a last name he'd be twice as effective.

4 out of 8 3-balls for Mr. Jason Richardson. Good to have you back stud.

The Warriors let the nuggets know they're-a-comin' with this statement game. Never gave up the lead in the third or 4th, kept it to double digits execpt when it briefly dropped to 9 with about 3 minutes left in the game. Sweet friggin' game golden state. There might just be some hope for these lovable yahoos.

The Warrior Wonder...

Wow, do I have authority to give one of these out... well, it's a mini-wonder anyway since nobody else is recapin' this game but me, a loyal member. But it's a Wonder none the less.

As solid as just about the whole team played (great job with the moral support Sarunas) I'm giving the wonder to Matthew Barnes burner.

WHATT??? you say,

He didn't do that much you say.. True.
But given his time, Matt played a solid game, tons of hustle, no retard passes to the people in the courtside club, 3-5 shooting with 2 steals and a block, great attitude...

But the real reason Matt gets my mini-wonder.

I feel it was his 3 ball that changed the tide of the game. The Dubs down by 12 and Jrich makes a 3 in the second half to cut it to 9. Next play offensive play, dubs have the ball and Barnesy is lookin' at a wide open 3 shot. Everybody there was thinkin' it, it Barnes gonna' clank it???, or is it on like Donkey Kong with a six foot b... ehh. Well, Barnesy hit the 3, cut the lead 6, and the rally was well on its way. The entire place EXPLODED when our boy Barnesy hit that shot.

Yeah, he's a goof ball some time, but Sac town's finest knew his role and was a great contributor and team player. Props to Matt for really tipping that first dominoe that eventually resulted with the utter collapse of the Denver Nuggets.

I should get paid for this, at least hook me up wtih that GSOM clock, that thing is sweet.

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