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Recap: Warriors 110, Nuggets 96- Subbing In

Because of some travel and internet access issues our boy Hash won't be able to post a recap for last night's big win over the Denver Nuggets. It's all good. I'll be your substitute teacher for the recap festivity...

Final Box Score

Dunk you very much!
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

There's been a ton of things to be upset about with the Warriors this year. Their previous 3 battles against the Denver Nuggets best typify their struggles. The first time around at home the Dubs couldn't hit a trey in the clutch. Then a few days later in Denver the Warriors were... well, garbage. Right before All Star weekend the Nuggets continued their Monstar-like dominance of the Warriors to lead the series 3-0. For those of you still in high school here's a question you might see on the analogies section of your SAT's- Warriors : Mavs as Nuggets : Warriors. Hopefully, you can figure that one out.

But the Warriors came through in a major way last night. Sure 'Melo was in La La land with his newborn (congrats Carmelo!), but the win was still enormous for a team trying to end the 12 year curse. It was an important game and the fellas rose to the occasion. There was a LOT to like from the game. Here's my fabulous five:

1. Starting 5
Finally! We've all been waiting to see what would happen when Nellie could trot out a starting 5 featuring Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, and Andris Biedrins. All I got to say is 2 and OH! Good things come to those who wait. When healthy (of course that's the major problem), that starting 5 is good enough to do some damage in the West and we know this best.

2. WINdex
I can't tell you how sick I was of watching this team getting abused on the glass, especially during that awful 6 game losing streak. Andris Biedrins (15), Al Harrington (9), Jason Richardson (6), Baron Davis (5), and Josh Powell (4) crashed the boards and kept the Warriors in the game yesterday though. Windex = no losing steaks!

3. Only 30 minutes for Boom Dizzle
Earlier this year when the Warriors got wins like this it meant BD was playing nearly 48 minutes. When this team is healthy, the bench is deeper and Baron doesn't have to play the entire game. This keeps him fresher and more active on defense, but most importantly puts less wear and tear on his knees. Here's hoping that these fewer minutes will also keep him fresh for our 1st round playoff upset of the Dallas Mavericks. When BD's dropping 22-9-5 with 2 steals and block in 20 minutes we're- dare I say it- UNSTOPPABLE BABY!

4. Everyone Pitching In
Look up and down the roster last night. Everyone pitched in. Say it with me-- TEAM.

5. Barnes Baby!
Matt Barnes came in and had a phenomenal 12 minutes of play with 2 treys, 2 picks, and 3 dimes in only 12 minutes. I've always liked what Barnes brings to the table and really admired his hustle and work ethic that helped him beat out Mike Dunleavy for the starting spot earlier this season. But I like the man off the bench even better- and I don't mean that as a slight in any way imaginable. Barnes is the ultimate role player of the bench.

Okay, okay. Maybe I'm sippin a little too much of this:


but damn it feels good to get a win sometimes. You feel me?

Warrior Wonder (vote it up!)
TMNHarrington, Andris Drago, JRich, and Boom Dizzle all had nice nights, but I'm going to go with Action Jackson. Back when the Warriors pulled off the grand theft robbery of Indiana, aside from dumping who GSoM friend Damon Bruce calls the Dunmurphy sisters I was most excited about adding Stephen Jackson to this Warriors team. Last night he made me proud with his excellent court vision (8 dimes), scores at key times (18 points), and great defensive effort. His defense helped contained Allen Iverson in the 3rd quarter which is what stopped The Answer from putting on a 50 point show in Oakland. Plus, GSoM friend Marcus Thompson will vouch that Jax is a cool cat.

Also special thanks to loyal GSoM community member KCBS Warrior Fan for putting up a nice recap of the game: Dude, Where's my Recap?

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