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Choose the HOTTEST Warrior Wonder Logo

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Right after All Star break we tabulated the standings for the prestigious GSoM Warrior Wonder Award and began the Warrior Wonder Logo Contest. In case you're new to the site, here's a few quick lines about what the Warrior Wonder award is all about:

We've been handing out the prestigious Warrior Wonder award since our Golden State Warriors BLOG days and it's become a hit. Whether the Warriors add to the W column or to the dreaded L column, there's always a good debate about who should get that night's award.

We had four slammin' submissions from some very good people in the GSoM community. Take a close look and cast your vote on the right side column of for which one you think should be the official GSoM Warrior Wonder logo. The winner of course will get an item of their choice from the hot like fire GSoM Store. There's obviously a lot at stake here, so vote wisely.

On to the entries:

1) The Double W by RonG


2) Sheed Wonders by Zorgon
(although we might have to change up the Warrior logo)


3) WW Trophy by The Golden One
(although we might have to change up the Warrior logo)


4) Dunk Pic Negative by The Golden One


Remember these good folks put a lot of time and effort into these designs. Make sure to give them some props in the comments section and if you don't have anything nice to say, well just remember what your mom told you. Anyhow...


* Your vote must be in by Sunday March 11th 11:59am *

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