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Yi Chat with Chad Ford

The NFL Draft has Mel Kiper and his retro hairdo, but over in the hoops world we're lucky to have Chad Ford of In his latest chat he went Yi-crazy- I'm not joking, check it out:

Moving up the charts...

Mark (Louisville): Which player has done the most to improve their draft stock recently?

Chad Ford: Yi Jianlin of China. Is putting up huge numbers in the Chinese playoffs in front of a number of top NBA scouts and exec who have been over there the last few weeks. One scout, who claims to have seen Yi over 20 times, said that he has him ranked as the 3rd best prospect in the draft behind Oden and Durant. He's a 7 foot skilled athletic kid with a beautiful jump shot. Sounds like another Andrea Bargnani.


Mike (Milwaukee): Chad, If the Suns end up with the # 4, 5 or 6 pick, what is your opinion as to who they take?

Chad Ford: They want Noah and I think Noah should want them. It's the best fit for the type of game he plays. Brandon Wright and Yi Jianlian would also be good fits for this team.

No Bull Yi...

Rick Oakland CA: Chad, the Knicks are doing decently and it looks like the pick the Bulls get from them will be in the 10-12 range at best. Will anybody be left that can provide help in the post for the Bulls? Who would help them the most--Yi, Splitter, McRoberts, Hibbert?

Chad Ford: Yeah ... what they need is a low post scorer. Lots of talent in the draft, but I don't see an elite player who does that in the 10 to 12 range. More perimeter guys, point guards, and great athletes (like Tyrus Thomas). This hasn't worked out the way Bulls fans wanted. Yi would be a great fit, but he'll be gone by then. The other three aren't going to be difference makers on this team.

Yi on the Warriors...

P (NYC): Hey Chad, stop hyping up Yi. Given the Bay Area AND his style of play, he'd be the perfect fit for the Warriors, right? Will he fall to the W's though?

Chad Ford: Yeah ... I was waiting for that. Warriors would love Yi. He might be there (Warriors are currently slotted to draft 9th) ... but there's a good chance he's gone.

Ahem, The Yi Movement started on your favorite Golden State Warriors community 7.5.06.

Yi's praying that The Movement begins in the Bay 6.28.07

DO NOT SLEEP on our 3rd annual live blogging of the 2007 NBA Draft in June...

Do you think the Warriors will find a way to draft Yi this June?

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