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GSoM Ticket Deal: Warriors vs Mavs

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Chris Murphy, group sales ticket rep of the Golden State Warriors, is hooking us up again with a deal on tickets. The last time he hooked us up was GSoM Night. This time it's for the final home game of the season against the Dallas Mavericks. Remember what happened the last time the Mavericks came to town? Dallas got STEAMROLLED!

This is the last home game of the season so it'll be Fan Appreciation Night. Here's the flyer and more info on the tickets:

Ticket Information
All tickets are Upper Bowl
Corner/Baseline Tickets: $20 each ($35 regular)
Sideline (First 9 rows): $40 each ($55 regular)

Contact information:
Chris Murphy
Phone: 510-986-2214

If you go through Chris, you won't have to pay the Ticketmaster "convenience" or shipping fees. So if you want a good deal on some tickets for what really could be the most important game of the season, give Chris a call or shoot him an email.