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(un)OPEN THREAD: Clippers @ Lakers- TNT Thursday- WE Know Drama

Nothing is easy for Warriors Nation.

Clippers (W-L): 37-40

Lakers (W-L): 40-38

Time: 7:30pm PST


I think we all know what's at stake, but in case there's some of you out there who don't know what time it is- TONIGHT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TNT THURSDAY OF THE SEASON FOR THE WARRIORS.

"We're up against the world right now," Clippers forward Elton Brand said after tying a season high with 37 points in a 103-100 overtime loss to New Orleans on Tuesday night. (STATS Preview)

Let's go world!

TNT thinks they know drama, but over here in Warrior land- WE know drama.

Preview Madness: Clips Nation | Forum Blue & Gold

The No Jinx Zone: Let's see if we can use the power of GSoMers on the net to will the Clippers to an L tonight--

Vegas Odds: Lakers by 2.5 (as of 5:20pm PST).


  • LA wins.
  • This (un)OPEN THREAD won't jinx anything.

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.

(Now that's un-jinxable!)

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