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The Magic Number 4-- Actually 5

New, comments is running a cool feature On the Bubble to track the battles for the final playoff spots in the West and East. In case you don't live on Planet Dubs, the Warriors currently reside in the 8th spot in the mighty Western Conference. According to the Warriors' magic number is...


And all these years I thought the Warriors' magic number was some number greater than 12! We're in unfamiliar territory here GSoMers. It's fun, but it's stressful in a weird sort of way.


Barring an 0-4 finish and a complete collapse it looks like the LA Fakers are playoff bound. On the other hand, it's all up in the air for the Dubs, Clipped, and Ho-nest. It's really anyone's game at this point for those 3 squads. Here's the remaining games for the Warriors, Eboks (hey, anything can happen so let's see if they can sit out this year's tourney), Paper Clips, and Holy Injured Bugs:


  1. Friday April 13th @ Sacramento (7:00pm PST)- FSN+
  2. Sunday April 15th vs Minnesota (12:30pm PST)- No TV
  3. Tuesday April 17th vs Dallas (7:30pm PST)- FSN
  4. Wednesday April 18th @ Portland (7:00pm PST)- FSN

Throw Up That W: NONE of these teams are playing for anything at this point. The Kings, Wolves-KG (that's a minus, not a dash), and Blazers are all out of it.


  1. Thursday April 12th vs LA Clippers (7:30pm PST)- TNT
  2. Friday April 13th @ Phoenix (7:30pm PST)- ESPN
  3. Sunday April 15th vs Seattle (6:30pm PST)
  4. Wednesday April 18th @ Sacramento (7:00pm PST)

Throw Up That W: This isn't the ideal time for Lakers, losers of 2 straight, to face the Clippers and Suns on back to back nights. Both of those squads are still playing meaningful games. The Lakers will be lucky to get the split. After that the rest of the way ain't that bad, but you never know what might happen in Sacramento. I'm sure Kings fans will be loud for the final game of their season.


  1. Thursday April 12th @ LA Lakers (7:30pm PST)
  2. Friday April 13th vs Portland (7:30pm PST)
  3. Sunday April 15th vs Sacramento (12:30pm PST)
  4. Tuesday April 17th @ Phoenix (7:00pm PST)- NBATV
  5. Wednesday April 18th vs New Orl/ OKC (7:30pm PST)- ESPN

Throw Up That W: The Clippers really only have 1 away game in their last 5 since they share Staples with the Lakers. They're infinitely better at home than on the road, so their schedule down the stretch really isn't that bad. Thursday night's game on TNT will really set the tone for how they finish out the regular season.


  1. Friday April 13th vs Denver (5:00pm PST)
  2. Saturday April 14th @ Houston (5:30pm PST)
  3. Monday April 16th @ Sacramento (7:00pm PST)
  4. Wednesday April 18th @ LA Clippers (7:30pm PST)- ESPN

Throw Up That W: AI + Melo and then a 3 game road trip to wrap up the season? That's rough. Still, the fact that these fellas are still buzzing around in the playoff chase is absolutely amazing.

One thing's for sure, this is going to be an exciting 6 days. This is usually around the time of the year when Fantasy Junkie, Hash, DJ Fuzzy Logic, YaoButtaMing, and I start brainstorming about what type of league-wide NBA playoff coverage we're going to do. Instead, we're wondering if we'll actually get to blog about our favorite team in the-- I can't say it. I don't want to jinx it.

Al's so happy he's dancing like Yung Joc...
it's going dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!

What plausible scenarios can you come up with that have the Warriors hitting the magic number 4?

UPDATE: It looks like's On the Bubble is not On the Right and is not accounting for the fact that the Clips will most likely own the tie-breaker. So the Magic Number for the Dubs is...


(Credit: Sleepy Freud)
We got 5 on it!

New Question: What plausible scenarios can you come up with that have the Warriors hitting the magic number 5?