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Recap: Warriors 125, Kings 108- The NEW Kings of Northern California

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The good news is that the Warriors picked up a nice W last night against the Sacrapmento Kings and were able to move within half a game behind the LA Fakers who lost last night to the Phoenix Sunny Delight on ESPN. The bad news news is that the LA Clipped also prevailed in pretty convincing fashion against the artists formerly known as the Portland Jailblazers. Still, win #39 is special.

Final Box Score

The Warriors had plenty to dance about last night.

Boom Dizzle's BDay
"It's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday!" Baron Davis and the rest of the Warriors had a big birthday bash on the court. Aside from a disastrous 3rd quarter where the Warriors sent the Kings to the free throw line 2,568 times in only 12 minutes, the fellas put together a very nice outing.

BD can't remember the last time he had such a fun BDay party.

I won't spend to much space talking about last night's big win because these are just micro points compared to the bigger picture, but here's a few game thoughts:

  • Hustle: The Warriors came out and hustled for a full 48 minutes last night. They were very active on defense and walked away with 11 steals and 4 blocks. Although they opened up very sloppily and were outscored by 14 points in the 3rd quarter, they didn't stop hustling at any point in the game. This team has finally learned that you need to play a full 48 minutes to win in this league.

  • Now that's just foul: If there's one major negative from last night's game play from the Dubs, it has to be the fouls. The Warriors almost gave the game away to the Kings in the 3rd quarter by putting them in the bonus very early. It seemed like the Warriors were sending them to the free throw line every 20 seconds. The main culprits were Mickael Pietrus (5 fouls in 11 minutes) and Andris Biedrins (5), Stephen Jackson (5), Jason Richardson (4), and Al Harrington (4). It's a shame because all of these guys played nice games aside from the fouls. Thankfully the Warriors adapted to the refs' ticky tack foul calls in the 4th and stopped sending the Kings to the charity strip at that horrid rate.

  • Good Offense + Good Defense= Good Win: Last night the Warriors got a big lead off great defense and hot shooting in the 2nd quarter, but they sealed the deal with focused defense and big shots in the 4th. Baron hit some amazing shots in the 4th including a back-pivot, fading 3 three pointer to beat a double team.

The New Kings of Northern California
For the first time since 537 BC the Warriors took the regular season series from the Kings pretty convincingly:

It's feels good like Tony! Toni! Tone! For years we had to endure the CWebb, Vlade, Peja, Doug Christie, and Bibby/ White Chocolate teams absolutely dominate and embarrass the Dubs both in Sac and Oak. But now my friends, the tables have turned. There were so many times last night when the Warriors were just toying with the Kings and having the type of fun that 8th graders have beating up on 2nd graders on the blacktop. I'll say this because I still can't get over it- the Warriors blew out the Kings 3 times this season. 3 times!

They Reminmuss Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
With last night's big win the Warriors hit number 39 in the win column. For most NBA squads that's not a big mark by any stretch. However, these are the Warriors we're talking about. Up until last night the Warriors' highest win total over the 12 year drought was 38 which came courtesy of Gary St. Jean and Eric Musselman's 2002-2003 Warriors squad that featured Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, and Earl Boykins (also check out The Dirty Dozen Part 3 and the rest of the trilogy for some Warrior history). That was a Warrior squad I loved watching and cheering for, so before we move on to hopefully wins 40, 41, and 42 this season I think we should all take a moment of silence to pay our respects to that crew...

They might not have got along, but they were fun to watch.

Gary St. Jean
Some things never change.

Eric Musselman
So much for haunting the Warriors.

Gilbert Arenas
If only Warrior owner Chris Cohan would look him in the eye.

Antawn Jamison
Another "great" Warrior mismanagement idea:
Let's trade Antawn to give more undeserved playing time to Mike Dunleavy.
(Think how good the Warriors would be if they still had Mr. 51.)

Troy Murphy
Back then T-Double wasn't Charmin' soft.

Earl Boykins
Killin' Elephants since day 1.

We Believe Playoff + We Believe Sac
There's only one team in the NBA that plays both LA squads and the Hornets down the stretch. Yup, it's our friends to the North. The Kings have a real chance to be spoilers. I have a hard time believing that they're going to lose all 3 of these key games:

  • Sunday April 15th Sacramento @ LA Clippers (12:30pm PST): If the Kings could get this road victory, it would be HUGE for the Warriors.

  • Monday April 16th NO/OKC Hornets vs Sacramento (7:00pm PST): If the Kings won here, they'd probably eliminate the Hornets from playoff contention.

  • Wednesday April 18th LA Lakers vs Sacramento (7:00pm PST): Wouldn't it be fresh if the Kings knocked Lakers out of the playoffs on the very last day of the season? That would surely ease some of their pain of sitting out the playoffs for the first time in 8 seasons.

So what can GSoMers do? Head on over the SBN brother site Sactown Royalty daily and show them some support in their game threads. Tell'em we sent you. GO KINGS!

I have to give this one to those great members of Warriors Nation who made the trip up I-5 North to make some serious noise in the Kings' home. We could hear you good folks on TV rooting on the Dubs and ya'll were loud.


It felt like a home game for the Warriors where someone accidentally painted Kings logos on the court. At the end of the game you guys put the icing on the cake when you chanted "Let's GO WAR-RI-ORS!"

Andris subs in for Adonal for a few minutes and does some sign signing.

Jason Richardson on Warrior Nation representing in Sacrapmento (via Janny Hu at SFGate):

"Four years ago, three years ago, when (the Kings) came to Oakland, it was like an away game for us. They had most of their fans that were cheering and doing the same thing our fans were doing tonight. It was good to see that that has changed. We can come here and actually have fans be louder than their fans."


Sac native and former King Matt Barnes (Mercury):

"I've never heard an incoming crowd come in and outshout the Arco fans," said Warriors forward Matt Barnes, a Sacramento product and former King. "I've never heard an opposing crowd so loud."

Warrior fans were just too loud for Mike Bibby.

Arco Arena is now OUR HOUSE.

Hey Sac fans from now on when the Warriors come to town,
listen to the ref and zip it!

Track of the Day: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth- "T.R.O.Y."

* Photos: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli + Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

GSoM friend Adam Lauridsen has a great take on this game's Warrior Wonder over at Fast Break:

Friday night I sat in the upper deck of Arco Arena and listened to nearly non-stop "Let’s Go Warriors" chants throughout the fourth quarter.  They started softly during time-outs.  The Kings turned up music to try to down them out.  They came back during free-throw breaks and dead balls.  They grew louder as Ws fans scavenged thunder sticks.  They culminated in a final overwhelming push with a few minutes to go, drowning out even the boos of Sacto fans and marking another point along the Warriors’ ascent.  The Kings are no longer Northern California’s top team and with a little luck the Warriors just might be the best team in the state after Wednesday.  I recount the glory, with what little is left of my voice, after the jump.

Before getting to the action on the court, I have to give credit to the Warriors fans.  We showed up by the hundreds, if not thousands, Friday night.  We were decked out head to toe.  We were loud from start to finish.  And most importantly we demanded Sacramento’s respect.  From where I was sitting, I didn’t see anything nasty or ugly.  We just cheered for our team and celebrated as they brought home the W.  The inland tide of basketball power has crested.  As of April 13, 2007, its rolling back to the Bay.

UPDATE 2: Check out Sactown Royalty's Recap: So Much for Pride