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The Singh Movement

I know, I know- it's way too early to talk about the 2007 NBA Draft when the Warriors are in the middle of a FANtastic playoff chase in the Wild Wild West, but as you know we like to start our movements way ahead of schedule here at GSoM (see The Yi Movement from July 5th 2006). Whether the Warriors make this year's playoffs or not, they've probably positioned themselves out of Yi range in the 2007 draft. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Warriors trade up, but it's looking more unlikely with each passing day. Our little GSoM scouting secret is now the map. So my friends it's time to start a new movement.

I bring you [drumroll, please]...


You're probably thinking: "Huh?"
Monty Singh Harika is an 18 year old George Washington freshman with Sikh roots. He stands at 6-foot-5, 180-pounds and has declared for the loaded 2007 NBA Draft, making him the first Sikh and Indian to do so. When Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post asked Harika which NBA star his game most resembled he said:

"Uh, I'm a shooter," he said. "I don't know, Ray Allen or something like that, but my role model growing up was Dennis Rodman."

This is the 99th 3-pointer Harika knocked down... in a row!
(Photo: D.C. Sports Blog)

There's no doubt that Harika would be the perfect fit for the Warriors. They could really use some rebounding prowess a la Dennis Rodman 2.0. Plus with Nellieball you can never have enough shooters a la Ray Allen 2.0. Harika could be just what the Dubs need to vault themselves from Western Conference 7th/8th spot contender to NBA Championship contender.

Here's 5 Reasons for The Singh Movement:

  1. Tons of upside: Just like the Warriors' 2006 1st round pick Patrick O'Bryant, Harika has tons of upside. He has nowhere to go with his game, but up- way up.
    He can't technically dunk a ball--he has bad knees from when he used to weigh so much--but he can grab the rim, which ought to come in handy at the next level. (D.C. Sports Blog)

  2. Kosta who? Without even stepping foot on the NBA hardwood, Harika's already matched the production of last year's Warrior 2nd round draft pick Kosta Perovic. If he can make it a month into the season without getting sent down to the NBA's minor league, he'll fare better than the Notorious P.O.B, who was the first ever lottery pick to be demoted to the NBDL. Actually, even if Harika gets sent down to the NBDL he'll be the first ever Indian/Sikh player to do so. That would be two firsts by the Warriors!

  3. Deion Sanders Part II: This kid isn't just a nice hoops prospect; he's also a former 290-pound offensive lineman. Chances are Harika could do wonders for the Raiders' offensive line. Now they'll only surrender 4 sacks a game (down from 4.5 last season).

  4. Think of the marketing opportunities: 1) Singh Warrior jerseys would be the best selling jersey in the NBA and 2) The City Turban would fly off the shelves. Plus, the Bay would go absolutely nuts over the NBA's first Indian hoops star.

  5. Do it for KG! Hey, maybe having and Indian balla on the Warriors might be enough to convince Kevin Garnett to sport some The City threads and throw up a W with us next season. KG Loves India?! We Love KG!!

It's going to be tough for the Warriors to fulfill The Yi Movement. The next best option is The Singh Movement. But if the Warriors were able to pull off both The Yi Movement in the 1st round and The Singh Movement in the 2nd round of this upcoming draft on June 28th, well... oh my! That's truly-

Unstoppable Baby!


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