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OPEN THREAD: Game #80 - Warriors vs Twolves

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Warriors (W-L): 39-40
Timberwolves (W-L): 32-47
Time: 12:30PM PST tip off
Radio: KNBR 1050

Note: If you're going to the game today, keep in mind that the Oakland A's are playing a home game starting at 1pm. So make sure to leave for the game extra early otherwise you'll be dealing with some nasty traffic. Atma, Hash, and I will be at the game today, but we're showing up early, 10:30 to 11 early. So if you see us walking around in GSoM shirts, come say hi.

Coming off a big win against the Kings, the Warriors are looking for their 3rd straight win and to get back to .500. We haven't been at .500 since January 7 and haven't been at .500 this late in the season since the 1993-1994 playoff season. The Dubs currently sit tied with the Clippers for the 8th spot and half a game back from the Lakers for the 7th spot. In what is a weird occurence, the Staples Center will be hosting not one, but two NBA games on Sunday. First, the Clippers host the Kings at 12:30 and then the Lakers host the Sonics at 6:30. I love LA traffic. As you know, both games are important to the Warriors. We're going to need some help from Sacramento to beat the Clippers and Seattle to beat the Lakers. Go Kings! Go Sonics!

As for the game today, the Timberwolves, losers of 4 straight, will be missing one key player, Kevin Garnett. He's been a Warrior killer, so without him today this is a whole different ballgame. Also, keep in mind that if the Twolves have a pick outside of the top 10, they lose it to the Clippers. So, it's in their best interest to keep losing. Help the Twolves keep their pick!

In playing a team with nothing to play for, the Warriors need to put them away early and make the game not worth playing for the other team. These guys have pride and don't like losing so if they're even close towards the end of the 3rd and 4th quarter, it'll be a much tougher game to win. Put this game out of reach in the first half and the Twolves will roll over because they have nothing to play for.

Since we know what to expect from the Warriors, here are some Timberwolves players to watch out for:

  • Ricky Davis: He's the most talented of the guys who will be playing today. He can score, rebound, and pass, when he wants to.
  • Mike James: He's one of the most disappointing free agent signing of the year. But he just put up 23 against the Spurs and has now scored in double figures 4 straight games. He's got a little momentum coming into today's game. I'm also not sure what happened with Randy Foye this year. He had so much hype coming into the season as people were saying he could be Rookie of the Year. But he's not even starting in meaningless games. I'm not sure what's more disappointing. The free agent point guard you signed is a bust or your PG of the future can't start over your free agent bust. Makes me wonder how Kevin McHale is still a GM.
  • Mark Blount is their starting center. Someone has to get rebounds on this team right? Well this guy will get his fair share of points and boards today.
  • And the always dangerous, Mark Madsen. In tanking game last year, he put up 5 three pointers in OT. Hopefully, we get to see this "sharpshooter" show off his sweet J. If he makes one, I hope he does his little dance so we can all have a good laugh. He's a local guy, went to San Ramon Valley High and Stanford, so I wonder what type of reception he'll get. Can we start a "We Want Madsen" chant? That would be hilarious.

The Mark Madsen Dance is in the first 20 seconds, check it out. I know it's at the Lakers championship celebration, but that was a long time ago. This is just too funny to not share. This is why I hope he makes a 3 and does his dance.

Okay but I can't leave you with that as your last image so here's one of my favorite plays of the year. Mickael Pietrus against the Jazz last Monday spotted up for a wide open 3 at his favorite spot. What does he do? He takes the ball strong to the rack and crams it on Ronnie Brewer. I'd like to see him do more of that, not settle for that outside 3 when he can go hard to the rack for a higher percentage shot.

Let's go Warriors! 3 games to go, we need them all. It starts today.

Vegas odds: Warriors by 15.5 (as of 8:26 am pst)


  • Warriors by 15.5?! I haven't seen the Warriors favored by that much in a loooong time. I say Warriors by 17
  • Baron plays less than 30 minutes as the Warriors pull away in a blowout
  • Ricky Davis has a big game with 25, 7, 7

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments before tip off and post any comments you have during the game right here.


Warriors Win! 121-108

Box Score

With the Clippers' 5 point loss to the Kings, the Warriors have a 1 game lead over the Clips for the final playoff spot in the West!

Unstoppable Baby!

Stay tuned for the Recap!