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Over Two Million Served!

OVER TWO MILLION SERVED! Some time around 9:00am PST today, Golden State of Mind reached over two million page views.  McDonald's ain't got nothing on the exponential growth of this community!  But really though, we owe it all to you faithful readers and hardcore Warriors fans.  We sincerely appreciate your contributions and love for this site.  As we continue to grow in the next two million page views, we hope that you will continue to build an unstoppable community with us -- on and offline!  The staff here at GSoM truly believes that we Warrior fans are some of the best in all professional sports, but that the ones that frequent this site are also some of the smartest. Thank you for making this THE best Warriors community out there.

In related news about McDonald's...

TNT's NBA Thursday, March 29th, was quite the festivity for Warriors Nation. We were treated to an unforgettable game in which the Warriors out-Sunned the Phoenix Sunny Delight on national TV. The best part however had to be watching Baron Davis serve up some hardcore mudd butt inducing grub!  McDonald's, "I'm Luvin' it!"  I know a lot of us have seen this already, but in case you haven't, here are some photos of Baron Davis helping out in the community. Apparently, this is one of David Stern's new NBA Cares programs.


Dishing out McGriddle Cakes like he dishes alleyoops to JRich!


Baron Davis doing what he does best: Making plays.

Man, all I ever got in my Happy Meals were junk from Duck Tales.

Did this woman just ask for extra jersey for her Nuggets?

Davis cracks jokes with his new teammates at McDonald's.

Is this really part of the "NBA Cares" Program?

Davis experiences the rigors of underappreciated and underpaid wage labor.

Davis having a great time.  You wonder what the actual worker is thinking about, especially the potential havoc being created in the drive through.

The Video Highlights:

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