Open Letter to Warriors Fans

Dear Warriors Fans,

Just wanted to wish you good luck tonight.  Of course like any good fan of his team I'm going to be rooting for the Blazers to play spoiler.  It would be a feather in our caps, especially on a night when we'll be missing 6 of our top 8 players.  (Forget feather, I guess it would be a miracle!)  But when all is said and done I won't be too displeased if it doesn't go our way.  For one thing I predicted the Warriors would make the playoffs and it's always good to look smart.  For another, I think you deserve it after all these years.  It's not an accident that GSoM is the most popular NBA site on our network.  You guys deserve the chance to cheer a little and make a run at shocking the world (and making Mark Cuban make a ton of his trademark whiny, pouting, "I'm a six year old billionaire who's not getting my way" faces).  You also deserve the chance to be defined by something else other than "the team that's close but never makes it".  If you do get in it's the beginning of a new identity.  What that is only time will tell, but I assume it will be welcome.

I'm glad we get the chance to play ball tonight.  I'm glad you get the chance to prove you're a playoff team.  (This way you'll KNOW, eh?  If you lose tonight to a horribly short-handed Portland club you know you're excuses.  But a 126-92 win nobody can take away from you.)  I'll be cheering for the Blazers between the tip and the final horn but if you win I'll be pulling for you afterwards.  Good luck!

--Dave and your friends at Blazersedge

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