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Playoff Schedule

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Did anyone else wake up this morning and think that what happened last night was really just a dream? It was just a weird feeling. I wake up in this in between state of half asleep, half awake not really sure if the Warriors are in the playoffs. How horrible would that be if I dreamt that the Warriors made the playoffs only to find out that I'll be watching lottery balls bounce around again. So I jumped out of bed, turned on my computer and checked the schedule just to make sure, here's what I saw:

Sunday, April 22
Golden State @ Dallas - 6:30pm on TNT

Wednesday, April 25
Golden State @ Dallas - 6:30pm on TNT

Friday, April 27
Dallas @ Golden State - 7:30pm on ESPN

Sunday, April 29
Dallas @ Golden State - 7:00 pm on TNT

Tuesday, May 1
Golden State @ Dallas (if needed)

Thursday, May 3
Dallas @ Golden State (if needed)

Saturday, May 5
Golden State @ Dallas (if needed)

Warrior fans, our dreams have become a reality. This year the NBA is removing the permanent spot that was occupied by the Warriors in the TV broadcast of the lottery. The Warriors are now in the playoffs and anything can happen. The series with Dallas will be tough no doubt, but GSoM will be here with you the whole way screaming and cheering. We'll definitely be at games 3 and 4 (playoff push package came through!). But first, let's handle our business in Dallas. 1 Dub.

* Thanks to jngai for posting the playoff schedule in his Playoff Schedule Out diary.