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A Maverick Perspective on their L's this Season

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The Enemy

Here we go. Fellow SB Nation hoops blog, Mavs Moneyball has started to explain away their 3 losses to the Warriors this season. The Mavs Losses to Golden State in Context

You're going to hear and read A LOT about the Mavs being 0-3 against the Warriors this season. It's important to look beyond the face value of that record...In my opinion, the first and third game should be ignored. That does leave the ugliest loss, but what can be taken away from one game? Plenty of things happened in that game that I don't have any reason to believe will happen in the playoffs.

Excuses. Excuses. All the "explanations" and excuses for why the Mavericks got swept in the season series just sounds like some fans who are scared of facing the Warriors. Look you got beat, suck it up and deal with it. The Warriors were a better team on those days. I could explain why those weren't bigger wins too due to some circumstances with the Warriors, but I won't. We won, they lost. They're a 67 win team, they should have nothing to fear or excuse.

What's missing from the article? Well, not once does it say anything about the Warriors actually playing a good game. Such as in game 2, the reason Dirk had one of his worst games was because Stephen Jackson played great defense. The reason the Mavs had so many turnovers is because the Warriors have greatly improved their defense and lead the league in steals. I'm not saying it's going to happen again, but there are reasons why the Warriors won.

Look Maverick fans clearly have the upper hand in any trash talk. They went to the finals last year and they've been in the playoffs year after year. What they don't have is that hunger that we Warrior fans have. We've been starving for a long long time and when the Mavs come to Oakland, you can be sure we'll be louder than the Maverick fans in Dallas. For an example of some spoiled Mavs fans, check out the comment left by chevs10zr2:


just looked at their website... you would've thought they just won the championship!! WOW they are so pumped up and excited just to be there! Even some of the brightsideofthesun guys have gone over there and congratulated them!! Haha... this is too funny. Little do they know, their days of celebrating will come to an end after 5 games.
Clearly, he's spoiled by the Mavericks and clearly, he's a bandwagon Maverick fan. I say he's a bandwagon Maverick fan because he doesn't know about the pain and suffering endured by Maverick fans before Nellie went to Dallas. If he did, he'd realize that the excitement in the Bay, is no different than the excitement in Dallas years ago. Actually I don't even have to explain it. He got educated by someone on his own site, dirk41:
Regarding the reaction on goldenstateofmind, remember how it felt for long-suffering Mavs fans when we made the playoffs after an 11-year drought (the longest at the time) in the 2000-2001 season?

It DID feel like winning a championship. There were no expectations and we were able to upset the Jazz in 5 after going down two games. Then, in the next round, we lost to the Spurs 4 games to 1. I didn't care about Round 2 -- it was rewarding enough to see progress. The tough thing about being a Mavs fan is now the only progress left is winning the Finals, which to me is the second-hardest trophy to win (Stanley Cup being the hardest).

The Warriors are extremely dangerous because they're the hottest team in the league right now (winning 9 out of their last 10), and can play loose. That one loss was to the Spurs in a rout -- I bet the Mavs scouts and coaches will look at that DVD.

It's great for the NBA to have a team with a loyal fan base like those in the Bay Area in the playoffs. I wish them all the best in the future, but the Mavs time is now.

Blog battles baby. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The only way to get the Mavs fans from talking trash, is to just shut them up by winning. Let's go Warriors.

A look back at the Warriors-Mavs regular season series this year: